Free Virtual USA Phone Number that can be used for WhatsApp and All Other Verification

A few months ago, I saw some friends using WhatsApp with a USA  Number. I wondered how they were in Ghana yet using a foreign number on WhatsApp. Anytime I tried the procedures they gave me, it failed, So I concluded that they might have someone Abroad who bought the number for them. Little did I know all was not true, so today, I will share how I got one almost freely. 

Okay, so telephone numbers are repaired to ten digits in the United States. All numbers are on a 3-3-4 plan! E.g.,"  (206) 811 - 7845 " Numbers are masterminded in the accompanying request.

Region code - They are controlled by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). In the United States, they are utilized for the recognizable proof of a particular geographic locale, for example, a city or part of a state. For instance, the region code for Fleming Island, Florida, is (386). That is why individuals search for their location from their telephone number.

Prefix - This is the particular switch associated with a telephone line. The prefixes are exceptional three digits and are given mainly by telephone transporters.

Line number - The line number is doled out at the change level to the telephone line being utilized.

Presently, we should dive into our subject! You just need a cell phone to get a free US telephone number. Got an iPhone or an Android? Let get started

Free Virtual USA Phone Number  that can be used for WhatsApp and All Other Verification

In this very section, we will use the tools or required items below to get this Virtual USA Phone Number that can be used for WhatsApp and All Other Verification.

Required Item

  • iPhone
  • Android Phone 
  • Internet 
  • $5 On your debt Card
  • Dingtone app  You can download HERE

1. First thing first, Download the Dingtone app and Install it 

2. After Installation, Open The app. You will see the interface below 

3. Swipe to the left twice till you see the sign-up page 

4. This is what the sign-up page looks like; now click on Sign up 

5. Then he, re, you can decide to use your Phone number or your Email; I'm using my phone number. If you prefer Email, click Email 

6. Then click continue 

7. Click Get Started

8. Now Enter the name you wish to use here, then click continue 

9. When you see the below page, just on the Connect link below 

10. In here, click on the + sign like below and select the number you

11. You will then see the below page. Click on Get Access to this number

12. The below page will open; then click Add a credit card or Debit card

13. After payment, just click save 

Enjoy your Virtual USA Phone Number that can be used for WhatsApp and All Other Verification; use it as a cell phone number privately or a free internet phone number for your business.



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