Dreadful News Hits The Western Togoland Group


At the beginning of today, I woke up to hear some new information which has it that, some outfitted people accepted to be essential for the Western Togoland society has caused chaos after the hindered streets in the Volta and Eastern districts. 

According to close sources, the rally has hindered the street at Juapong, Akrade and Akuse Junction on the Accra street stopping vehicles to move as it caused a huge traffic. The incident which happened in the early long hours of 3:00 AM this Friday morning has seen numerous travelers abandoned as no vehicle is permitted into the zone that has been hindered. 

Meanwhile, Military officials were sent to Juapong to hold onto fire as they are doing the needful activity. As indicated by a Starrfm journalist, the Western Togoland Group are not prepared to cease firing as they continue giving the Military men difficult stretch so two of the Western Togoland group has been shot and harmed by the military officials because of their own determination. 

Detailing, it was expressed that both of the two who had been shot in the leg has been hurried to the medical clinic for treatment. It's sad for this two men to be shot because of their own stubbornness. Nothing more will be tolerated! The Western Togoland Land Group must hold onto fire now before it turns crazy!.

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