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Hello guys, today I will be sharing with you guy's a system have been using since 2019 to make some cool earning online for my day to day activities, well the system I use is called   Million Money.


Now, What is Million Money?

Million Money is an MLM company that gives you the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency (ethereum) by recruiting others and building a downline or team. The business model is structured in an MLM cycler which means that you will have to completely fill up one small matrix before a commission is issued to you.


You need a total of 5 levels [62 donators]  with every member signing up with only 0.03 ether ($9) and bringing only 2 people. So meaning once you register, you only need two people to register under you, those also register under you also need only two referral and their downlines, so let me explain further 

Two 2 people who you invite or who come as spillover to you donate 0.03 ether each to you. You get 0.06 ether. You use 0.05 ether to buy level 2 and you remain with a profit of 0.01 which is equivalent to  3 USD or 17 cedis. Which you can withdraw the 3 USD only after you have upgraded to level 2


The 4 people recruited by your 2 people will donate to your level 2. Each will donate 0.05 ether to you and you will get a total of  0.2 Ethereum. You will then use 0.1  Ethereum to upgrade to level 3 and you will remain with 0.1 Ethereum ($22USD ) as profit which you can only withdraw after you have upgraded.


The 8 people recruited by the 4 should donate to you 0.1 Ethereum each that total is 0.8 Ethereum. You will use 0.4 Ethereum to upgrade to level 4 and you will keep 0.4  ($110 ) as profit. Which you can withdraw only after you have already upgrade


The 16 people recruited by the 8 people will donate to you 0.4 Ethereum each totaling to 6.4 Ethereum. You will use 1 Ethereum to upgrade to level 5 and *you will keep 5.4 Ethereum ($1163 ) as profit. which can only be withdrawn after the upgrade is confirmed 


32 people recruited by the 16 will contribute to you 1 Ethereum each that's totaling to 32 Ethereum ($6965 ) net profit

You can either withdraw your profit at each stage or at the final stage but do not try to withdraw before you upgrade to the next level...

14 Reasons why million money-smart contracts is not a scam

After a series of research here are the top 14 reasons why Million money-smart contract is not a scam and how it quite different from other MLM businesses.

  • It is Built on Ethereum blockchain.
  • It is 100% Decentralized.
  • No Admin is Involved.
  • No withdrawal request required because payments are automatically transferred to individual wallets directly.
  • Instant Member to Member Payment directly to your wallet by smart contract
  • It is Impossible to Hack.
  • Impossible to Scam
  • No-Risk at all
  • With only 0.03 ETH ($5 to $6)~ {#3,300} ONE TIME startup cost.
  • Earnings from various levels are paid directly into your ethernum wallet by smart contract
  • This is not MMM and it is not PH/GH type of platform
  • It is a binary-level earning system.
  • It is 100% open-source smart contract system.
  • It is 100% Guaranteed

If you get the above explanation well and you wish to join,  How To Register And Part Take In Million Money Step by Step

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