According to the  flagbearer of the  National Democratic Congress the swing  regions in Ghana are now in favor of his party ( NDC),  because when the NDC talks with  the chiefs in the  swing  regions they seems unhappy with the NPP admiration. Barking his claims 

John Dramani Mahama indicated that, because of the  wrong policies implemented by the NPP especially the Issue surrounding Galamsey. The Npp handled the Galamsey very disastrously and that can cause them in the upcoming election on  the 7th of December. 

On an interview on Adom fm on Monday 19th October,  H.E John Dramani Mahama indicated that various helpless approaches by the NPP will neutralize them. 

Compering 2016 to now  our examination show that we have a swing coming towards us and where the NPP thinks they have their balance, we see a positive move towards us,"