Iwan Suhyini, best known in the music industry as Lyrical Gunshot, has once again slammed his critics for calling him a lazy artiste.

 Unhappy, Iwan took to his social media page to vent his anger on those tagging him as a lazy artist. 

On his Facebook page, sighted by regcollins.com, the artist wrote:   

"To most that don’t know, we Produce almost 90% of our songs, I mean play the beat, record, mix, and sometimes co-master with other Sound engineers. Is this a Lazy Artist? That’s why I call Most of you #Pussywuls.

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He further stated that he respects all those who show respect for his hustle, but thinking his a lazy artist does not make any sense.

What do you make of an artist dropping an album every year, touring all regions out of his pocket, and the little support he gets around? 

According to the reggae artist, he has released nine(9) albums, a record in Ghana no Reggae Dancehall comes closer.

I respect all who respect my hussle and do the little they could to Push. But If you think we were lazy, then what do u...

Posted by Iwan Suhyini on Friday, October 16, 2020