PayPal is a  secure payment platform that is highly recommended for online transactions. Some countries are banned from using PayPal but I am going to teach you how to open a PayPal account even in a banned country. Ghana is one of the countries banned from using PayPal. 

Do you know that PayPal is one of the most important ways of receiving payments online? It is not everybody that likes to send money or pay online with PayPal but everybody wants to receive payment with PayPal.

If you have a website or if you work online, you must have a PayPal account for your business. Yes, it is a “must”. An online business without a PayPal account has not started, I must tell you the truth.

Now, this is the time to create your own PayPal account. With this kind of PayPal, you can send, pay, and withdraw payment from all around the world.

This guide can be followed by other backlisted countries or other countries with some limitations like our Nigerian brothers and sisters who can send but can't receive. 

 I have been using PayPal in Ghana for seven years now with no restrictions and I want to share my experience with you on how I created my PayPal account.

 I use these same steps to create it for my Nigerian friends and other blacklisted countries. Please follow every step in this guide and create a successful PayPal account today.


  1. UBA Africard (Visa)
  2. First Name: Reg
  3. Last Name: Collins
  4. Email Address:
  5. Business Name: Regcollins Tv
  6. Phone Number: 0556463062
  7. Date of Birth: Month/Day/Year (06/28/1900)
  8. Voter ID/Passport Number: 123456789
  9.  Billing Address: This is normally found on your  utility (light) bill, e.g. St1-Obuasi-BRAHABEBOME, OUBASI, BRAHABEBOME ASHANTI WEST, Obuasi, Ashanti Region

Since Ghana is not listed among the countries supported by PayPal, we will use a different country’s address. In this case, we will use Lesotho. This won’t cause any trouble. TRUST ME!

If you want to avoid troubles, don’t login to your PayPal account on different devices and IPs. Always login with the same IP or device to avoid PayPal detecting you as a fraudster and placing limitations on your account. 

However, should something happens and PayPal attempts to limit your account, you can upload screenshot of your address as proof to them and they will lift the ban so please try and use a valid address when signing up account. Also, never use any proxy, maintain your Ghana IP address.

Steps To Create A verified PayPal Account In Ghana and other Blacklisted Countries 

1. First visit PayPal  official website --->

2.On the PayPal Homepage scroll down and change the country from USA to Lesotho 

3. Scroll up  and click on the  Business drop down button 

4. Click on All business solutions 

5. Now click on Get Started 

6. You will be directed here, Enter your email address (make sure the email has not been used on PayPal before )

7.Enter the password you want to use (Password should include 1 number or symbol)

8.In here enter your : First Name, Last Name and Your Business Name 

9. Change the Lesotho country code (266)  to your country code, in my case am in Ghana so, I will choose (233)

10. Now enter your address (This is normally found on your  utility (light) 

11. Enter your country code in Ghana enter (00233)

12. Check agree with the terms and condition  box 

13.Click on Agree and Continue 

14. Now you will be ask to Describe your business 

i. Business type , select Individuals/Sole Proprietorship 

ii. Product or service keywords, select Personal Service  

iii. Business URL, can be empty

15. Now in here enter your date of direct , Nationalist, Voter ID/Passport Number

16. You will be directed to your dashboard like below :

17. Check the email used to register the account and confirm your email.

In my next tutorial, I will share with you guy's how to withdraw your PayPal funds into your local bank account here in Ghana and how to cash out from the ATM