I came across this  Security Tools For Hackers from a mentor's channel. You can find some tools that can be used in so many hacking stuff. I'm learning how to use these tools.

But I feel like these tools can be deleted at any given time so, I am going to share it with you guys.  

Kindly note that the Security Tools you are about to download is only for educational purpose. Don't use it for any illegal activities because I may not be responsible for any damage costs.

In the download you will:

  1. cPanel Attacker
  2.  DOMSocks Scann
  3.  Havij
  4.  Havij Pro
  5.  jetSQL
  6.  Password Pro
  7.  Proxifier
  8. Sql Poizon
  9.  Themole
  10.  VHB Bot_Shell
  11. WAppEx2.0

 Security Tools For Hackers [ Download]