Download Security Tools For Hackers

I came across this  Security Tools For Hackers from a mentor's channel. You can find tools that can be used in many hacking stuff. I'm learning how to use these tools.

But these tools can be deleted anytime, so I will share them with you guys.  

Kindly note that the Security Tools you download are only for educational purposes. Don't use it for any illegal activities because I may not be responsible for any damage costs.

In the download, you will:

  1. cPanel Attacker
  2.  DOMSocks Scann
  3.  Havij
  4.  Havij Pro
  5.  jetSQL
  6.  Password Pro
  7.  Proxifier
  8. SQL Poizon
  9.  Themole
  10.  VHB Bot_Shell
  11. WAppEx2.0

 Security Tools For Hackers [ Download]


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  1. Admin! Please how do we use the tools? A tut on how to use it will help🙇

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