Hello folks, in today's short article, I will walk you through how to enjoy the Mtn Ghana mash-up social cheat I got from the "free internet community." This data cheat is currently working. 

I have seen many guys trying to sell this cheat, but I will share like the admin shared for free.

Before I begin with the Mtn Mashup free data hack Ghana 2020 tutorial, I want you all to stay safe since this year is an election year. Let's all desist from any political violence. Let's maintain the peace since 1957 and make this country great. 

Don't forget the coronavirus is still with us, and remember to follow the directives of the health minister and the W.H.O precaution. Wash your hands with soap under running water, frequently use alcohol-based hand sanitizer, and make sure to build your immense system. That's just by the way. Let's get started.

Take Note : This Article is Only For Educational Purpose 

How to configure Mtn Mashup free data cheat


  •  Subscribe to Mtn Mash up Social Bundle by Dial *567#
  •  Download HA Tunnel VPN from Here 
  •  Download Mtn Mash up Social HA Tunnel config Here 

Steps to Configure this Cheat 

Step 1. Install the HA Tunnel Vpn you download from the above

Step 2. Now open  HA Tunnel Vpn

Step 3. Click on the Navigation Bar like below 

Step 4. Then click import to import  Mtn Mash up Social HA Tunnel config

Step 5. Now locate the Mtn Mash up Social HA Tunnel config you downloaded from the requirement section. Mine can be found in the Download folder 

Step 6. Now import the  Mtn Mash up Social HA Tunnel config

Step 7. After importing the Mtn Mash up Social HA Tunnel config. Click on Start 

Step 7. Enjoy 


Make sure you have  Subscribe to Mtn Mash up for Social Bundle before you begin with this process