Steps By Step on how to do Ach Bank Transfer

 All this while, I thought I had shared with you guy's how to do Ach Bank Transfer until one guy asked me to share with him how to do Ach Bank Transfer I searched my telegram channel and no result was found, and I was like, "What the Fu*k, so today I will share how Ach Bank Transfer is, done.

Before I begin, let me make this notice and read carefully, "I will not be using any screenshots along the process due to the attention and how most people abuse most tutorials I post. So kindly follow the guide carefully to finish this without any difficulties." 

 How to do Ach Bank Transfer

Alright, this Ach Bank Transfer is one of the Easiest transfers to do though it's more complicated than Direct Deposit and other loading jobs; not to worry, I will guide you with these simple steps to do this quickly, so let's get started.

Tools Needed to Get Ach Bank Transfer Done 

  1. Good socks 5 clean and fresh IP (I prefer 911)
  2. Hack Bank log with email access (going to use Huntington Bank)
  3. A Bank drop
Take Note: You can also use the below Bank Logs to do Ach Bank Transfer., but I'm going to use Huntington Bank; you can use any of the below banks. The steps are the same.

  1. Chase
  2. HSBC Bank
  3. Huntington bank
  4. Citizen's Bank
  5. USAA
  6. Woodforest bank
  7. Citibank
  8. BB&T 
Now let's get started with the main article for today  (how to do Ach Bank Transfer)

1. First thing first, Connect your socks5 or 911 to the "hack bank log" state/zip

2. After connecting your 911, Login to your hack bank log (I'm using Huntington Bank, so I will log in from their website)

3. When you first log in a Huntington Bank for the first time, you  will be asked for a code to be sent to the phone number or email attached to the bank log; choose email and let them send the code to email access (that's why I said you need a bank log with email access)
4. Once you enter the verification code from the email, this is the next page; click "I'M ON A PRIVATE DEVICE. YES PLEASE REGISTER". So they won't ask for code again

5. Once You log into your Bank log successfully, Click on Transfer on the Navigation Bar ( With other records like HSBC Bank, you will see the Transfer tab at the Side Bar).

6. Again, Click Transfer Funds 

7. After clicking  on transfer funds, on the page, click on Add a new account

8. On the "Add a new account" page on the next page. Enter your drop details (Account Type, Routing Number, and Account Number) and click on Next

9. Micro-deposits will be sent to your Bank drop for verification. (This verification will take one to three days to get the micro deposit which is not up a dollar. 

10. From the next day or two, check your Bank drop, the Micro-deposits you sent from the hack log should reflect on your Bank drop.

11. Now Login back to your hack bank logs and verify by entering the Micro-deposits you received in your Bank drop

12. Then click on Verify to Complete the Micro-deposits verification.

Now let's go ahead on getting the money into our Bank drop. Please follow the below steps carefully.

13. Browse back to your main page on the Bank log  

14. Then click on Transfer again

15. Again click on Transfer Funds like you did in steps 6

16. After clicking on Transfer Funds, You will see the Bank Drop details you added in a drop down-tab

17. Click on your Bank Drop.

 Note you can only send up to $2k daily. 

18. So in the amount section, type $2000

19. Then, in the frequency section, select One-Time Transfer and click on Continue 

20. The following page (a review page) will appear, showing all details for you to cross-check if everything is correct.

21. If all information provided is correct, click on Submit. But if they are wrong, edit it.

22. You should receive a Message of Success!

23. In three days, log back into your Bank Drop. You should receive the $2k 



We have successfully done with Ach Bank Transfer; log back to your Bank Drop in three days. You should receive the $2k. If you enjoy this tutorial, kindly like our Facebook Page and remember to share. Lastly, you can leave your question in the comment section below. 


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  1. Where can we get a legit ach log

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  3. Not sure you got the right method so check well

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    1. Capable Bank logs
      Join my Group Everthing Done in my Group . Seeing is believing

  5. Ach transfer and direct deposit are they the same thing??...and can you do more than 2k in direct deposit??

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  8. Is company logs good for ACH, got $90m Truist bank logs. Calling logs tho.

  9. Where can we get a legit ach log??

  10. Where can we get a legit ach log?

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