One guy from telegram sent this information to me yesterday. so I decided to also share it here for free. Like I said earlier, do not waste your time paying for method. No method last forever. I have seen many admins on telegram selling this method  but here it is free.

Warning : This below tutorial is just an illustration of how Florida assistance is applied, this article is only for educational purpose, I may not be responsible for any damage cost.

Required/ Tools Needed:

We are going to use two different fullz, One for Tenant and one for Land Lord (the land lord  fullz can be from a different state) 

Tenant information required

1. SSN

2. First and last Name

3. DOB

4. Florida  Address information.

5.Front and back of : Drivers License/Passport/State Identification/Military Identification 

6. 911 or any Good vpn 

7. Create an email matching your SSN details

8.Lease-agreement form 

9. Letter late rent form

10.Eviction-notice form

11. Text Now or Google voice Number

Landlord  information required

1.First and last Name

2. Different state Address information.

3.Create different email again matching land lord SSN details

4. Different Text Now or Google voice Number

First things first Connect your 911 or any Good vpn  to Florida 

Florida Loan Method Complete Tutorial

1. You first need to visit Florida assistance website:

2. On the Florida website just click on Apply Today

3. On this click on Register

4. Then choose "I am a Renter".

5. Now enter your Florida fullz information in the first and last name section, then enter the email you created with Florida fullz and create your own password, Then click on Register.

6. After clicking on register a code will be sent to the email you created with the fullz details

7. Copy that code and paste here, then click on Verify Code.

8. Now enter the email you created with the fullz details and Password (you created in step 5).

9. Are you filling this application on behalf of someone ? : Choose NO

10. Now fill in the below with your Florida Fullz :
  • Preferred method of Contact: Choose Email
  • Is your mailing address same as residential address ? Choose Yes

11. Now enter google voice number.
  • Preferred Language Choose English  
  • Enter email address created with fullz
  • Do you qualify as exempt from Florida’s Public Records Law? Choose  NO
  • The rest leave it without answering like below screenshot

12. Click on Save and Continue 

13. Click on  Yes .

14. Enter fullz Race, your fullz gender, like the below and click Save and Continue 

15. Now carefully select like the below screenshot. click Save and Continue.


16. How many people living in your household Select 1, click Save and Continue.

17. Monthly rent enter $950, Do you owe back rent choose yes. 

18. Now we are going to state the month we own rent.

19. Now fill in like below then, click Save and Continue.

20. Now on this page we are going to enter a different state fullz information (Landlord  information) here. click Save and Continue.

21. Now in here we have to upload our : Front and back of : Drivers License/Passport/State Identification/Military IdentificationLease-agreement form ,Letter late rent form ,Eviction-notice form.

22. After successfully summation

23. They will preview application

24. Landlord Reviewing


Finally done with the Florida Loan Method Complete Tutorial , Note : Use Florida fullz to apply as tenant! Then use any state fullz for landlord application! Use Green dot and Walmart Money card Payment. You need to download all the document (Lease-agreement form Letter late rent form Eviction-notice form) here. Take Note : You will need to edit all the forms before uploading.