Over the past few months, I have been teaching people how to make use of the internet, most people always get into my DMs and ask me how do people (fraudsters) do carding online. Honestly, I did not want to post this tutorial here because most people might abuse it. 

Six (6) years ago I made my first post on carding titled "How To Card And How To Prevent Your self-From Rippers" which was ranking on Google and other forums, later I saw many people posting it on their blogs while some sell it in a pdf format.

 Today I want to do something different which is the main reason I named this tutorial The Ultimate beginner and Advanced guide in carding online, Let's get started with the main topic for today.

Warning 🚸 : The purpose of this article is to spread awareness about carding and other illegal activities that goes on, on the dark web. The Below information is only for educational purpose, I may not be responsible for any damage cost.

Required Tools for Carding: 

  1. A Computer or Mobile Phone 
  2. Good Internet Connection
  3. Good VPN, SOCK5 OR RDP (Important) 
  4. Credit Cards or Fullz Information
  5. CCleaner (Important) 
  6. USA or any EUROPE address (Drop)
  7. Method or Guide

What is Carding ?

My own definition of carding: Carding is a process whereby scammers uses stolen credit cards to buy items on the internet without the credit cards owners authorization, from what I know scammers no longer use credit cards direct for online purchase, They first use the credit cards for Gift Cards, Since most websites accept gift cards, Carders uses the gifts' cards to make purchases to cover up the tracks. Now that you know what carding is let's get started.

 Beginner and Advanced guide in carding online

Now the first you need to have in mind is that carding is an illegal activate so you first needs to protect your self that's why you need good VPN, SOCK5 OR RDP, the use of the this tools is to protect you from tracking and tracing. so first things make sure you have a premium CCleaner installed. use the CCleaner to clear your browser cookies and creche. The second most important thing you  will need to install is your VPN. With VPN you can use 911, Express VPN, or Any Premium VPN you know. 

1. After installing your VPN, connect VPN to either to your cc state or your drop state then click on the browser that appear in your VPN. (but for the purpose of this tutorial connect vpn to your drop state)

2. The second step is to check if the IP address we connected is keeping us anonymously so got this website whoer.net. Ones you see No, Yes, No like you see in the below screenshot means we are not safe.  

3. You can change the state from the VPN and connect to a different state and check again, If you see No, No, No like you see in the below screenshot means we good to go.

Now the above steps are only to keep us anonymous. Now we are going to work with a method or guide. In this post, I'm going to share one firing website with a guide. With this website we are going to use fulzl details and not cc. So follow the guides. Most people just pick up any store and decide to card it which to me is risky. I'm only going to demonstrate how to card with fullz.

Method or Guide

After setting up your VPN or Socks5 and checking if your IP address is safe we move to the next thing called method and guide. All shops have got their way of carding example is what I am about to demonstrate. We are going work on a website called Midnight velvet, this shop sell electronics, spray, rings and many more. 

Required Tools for  Midnight velvet

  1. Fullz with high score 
  2. USA client address (Drop)
  3. The brain 
  4. Create an email matching the fullz first name and last Name (so if the fullz name is Reg Collins, create an email like regcollins6000@yahoo.com or gmail.com)
  5. TextNow or Google Voice Number 
Ones you have the above information, make sure your IP address is still intact. now let move on to the main tutorial.

1. With your VPN or Socks5  connected to your fullz state, Go to https://bit.ly/3sJ3iwj

2. Click on the drop down Manu around  My Account.

3.Click on Create Account.

4. Fill in the fullz First Name, Last Name, Address in this section. (Basically, we are using the fullz information to create an account).

5. Enter your app number, its can be Text Now or Google Voice Number, enter the email you created matching the fullz first Name and last Name, create your own password and click on Create Account.

6. Now I'm going to select the accessories tab, you can go for clothing or gift or any other item you are interested.

7. Under accessories you will see many items listed for sale.

8. I'm going to add the perfume to cart just click on it.

9.After adding to cart, Click on Procced to Checkout (Note : One item at time)

10.Click on Checkout.

11. Take Note of this well, If the fullz you are using is not for your client or you purchase then you need to edit the address to your drop address. We need to change it else the item will be shipped to the fullz address. click the dropdown if you are changing the shipping address.

12. Click on Add New Address 

13. Remember we are only changing the address so maintain the fullz name.

14.Now add your client address (Drop) Note : the address you add here is where the item you are carding will be shipped to. Remember its should be USA address not a local address. After adding the client address (Drop), click on Apply.

15.The item you are carding will be shipped to the address you changed to. the address will be shown like below. 

16.Scroll down and click Continue.

17.Since we using the fullz, click on open new midnight valet credit account.

18. Now enter the SSN and Date of Birth that came with fullz you are using (Remember I said we need SSN/fullz with high score).

19. Scroll down and click on Continue.

20. If the address you are shipping to is correct, Click Place Order.

21. You will see the below message after you follow the above method correctly.


To explain the whole thing I shared, we used some's else SSN to purchase an item he or she knows nothing about. The fullz owner will pay the item on credit every month. You can use the same method if you have AT&T OR POSTPAID account. This method does not always work like this. sometimes you have to buy cc to do the purchasing which I will share in my next episode. Please the only help I need in return is for you to subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking Here.