This method is for those who know about Dating jobs, there is no time for me to explain what  Zoosk is Dating in case you have little or no knowledge about this Open Up Method just research it. 

Now, when it comes to dating sites, anyone can go to any dating site and create but, there is some dating site after a successful set, you will be taken out from the system because they claim to protect their members from fraud or scammers. In this post, I'm going to guide you on the latest method how to bypass Zoosk security to set up an account with them without getting your a8ss kicked out from the system.

Warning: The below information is just an illustration of how to set up an account on Zoosk Dating, I may not be responsible for any illegal use of the below information.

Required/ Tools Needed:

  1. Clean PC without any antivirus installed
  2. Google Chrome
  3. 911 Proxies 
  4. Selfie Picture (Not download the Picture)
  5. Good Internet Speed
  6. Set ISP to CenturyLink

How to create Zoosk Dating Account - 2022

I am going to walk you guys through the above required tools and how to set them up before you go ahead to the Zoosk Dating Account website. Make sure to set the required tools correctly because they will protect the account from being detected from blacklist countries. 

1. First things first Make your Pc is clean if you have a spare pc you don't normally use, You can format the pc and install only your 911 on it. (Important don't install any  antivirus on computer or PC.

2. Now install your 911 Proxies or VPN on your system then open the Google on your 911 and not your main browsers on your pc.

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3. Now open your your 911 software and set your ISP to CenturyLink 

4. Then choose PING 24, 27, 38, 40 or 45

5.Then open the chrome from the  911 software (Apart from the 911 don't connect any other vpn attach, its will expose your IP) 

6. After you open your browser check if your IP is clean by going to the site ( Make sure your Proxy is NO, Anonymizer is No Blacklist is NO then your disguise is above 70%)

7. If your IP is clean you can procced to and start creating the account. The registration is straight forward but take note of the below tips :
  •  Use Outlook Email to create the account 
  •  The email should contain the first and last name you are using for the site 
  •  Upload a picture that looks real not link pictures from downloaded site ( I mean job pictures you use)
  •  Select Age of 40 years and above 
  •  You are download Selfie Picture from Facebook and use it 

Now if you don't have or you can't afford 911 use the below method.


  1. Your Phone (Not PC )
  2. Temporary Email
  3. Safari Browser 
  4. Selfie Picture (Not download the Picture)
  5. Nord VPN

Zoosk Dating Open Up Method On Phone without 911

1. Open your Nord VPN and Set your location to UK, US or Germany 

2. Then open your Safari and visit check if your IP is clean like you did for the Pc version 

3. Now go to and create a Temporary Email

4. Then go to and start the creating process like you did for the first method. 

5. Remember to Use Good Pictures 


Done with Zoosk Dating Account Open Up Method, let me know in the comment section if it works for you, and take note that you can use this same method for Match dating open up, but it will only work with the 911 method, not the NORD method. With more feedback in the comment section, I will drop more dating open-up methods.