If you don't see an update on this website or my channel, because I have been sick for weeks now, and blogging with my phone is one of the most difficult for me. I got this Illinois Unemployment Method from my friends, and with their proof of screenshot, I can see they are cashing out. They are two possible ways to file for this Unemployment benefit, one through their online portal and the second one through their phone call system. Since I don't want to beat around the bush, let's, get started.

Warning : This below tutorial is just an illustration of How to file Illinois Unemployment, this article is only for educational purpose, I may not be responsible for any damage cost.

Required/ Tools Needed:

  • Illinois SSN Number
  • First and last Name
  • DOB
  • Illinois Address information.
  • Front and back of  Drivers License
  • 911 or any Good vpn 
  • Create an email matching your SSN details
  • Google Voice/Text Now/Real USA Number (bonus)
  • Download and install Okta Verify or Google Authenticator 


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Illinois Unemployment Method

1. Always remember to connect your 911 or VPN to the state where you are filing or working then go to to whoer.net and check if your IP is clean.

2. Since are going to use their online portal, first click on this link and ====> Illinois Unemployment

3. Scroll down to the button and click on File an Unemployment Insurance Claim

4. On the Welcome page click on "Click here to register"

5. On the Create Your ILogin Identity Account, you will enter your fullz details here 

6. An email will be sent to the email you used for the account 

7. Check your email and click on Activate Ilogin  Account

8. Set up a Password here

9.Enter your google voice or real us number and click on Send Code

10.Enter the code from the google voice or real us number here and verify

11. Verified, click on done

12. Click on Create Account

13. Make sure you have Downloaded and install Okta Verify or Google Authenticator on your mobile phone, I'm going to use Google Authenticator, So click on Set Up

14. Select the deceive you are scanning from and click Next, I'm scanning from android 

  15. After scanning, enter the code from  your  Okta Verify or Google Authenticator  and verify

16. Click on Finish, if you finish the 2 step verification

17. Click on the UI Online Account access Request

18. Then click on Click Here to begin registration 

19. Enter your fullz details here

20. Enter the fullz address here

21. Enter the date of birth that comes with your fullz

22. Now enter the ssn number, type don't copy and paste 

23. Enter the email you created  matching your SSN details here

I have lost the rest of the screenshot after my hdd got crushed, you can send me message on telegram when you reach this section, so that i will guide you finish up.