Texas Unemployment Benefits (Step by Step Guide)


I will guide you guys in this tutorial on filing for Texas Unemployment benefits. Please read and follow carefully so you will not be asked to call for verifications. With this Unemployment Benefits Services, you will be allowed to submit your new applications for unemployment benefits, submit payment requests, and get a claim and payment. Make your SSN is from Texas.

I will guide you on how to check if the SSN from Texas and the SSN are also valid. So let's get this straight by checking if the SSN is from Texas and correct.

Texas Unemployment Benefits (Step by Step Guide)

Disclaimer 🚸 : Just like I said earlier, this article aims to guide and illustrate how to file for unemployment benefits. The Below information is only for educational purposes; I may not be responsible for any damage cost.

How to check if the  SSN is from Texas and Valid.

1. Go to this website: SSN-verify.com 

2. Then enter your SSN and click on verify now.

3. If the SSN is good, you will get a valid result

NOTE: To check if the SSN is from Texas, the first 3 numbers should fall between 449-##-#### and 645-##-####.

To begin with, Texas Unemployment Benefits requires the below information. Make sure the below are intact before you start filing.

If you are getting errors while filing, Note that one or two of the below are the reasons.

If the Texas Fullz information doesn’t have a working history 

If the Drivers License number is not correct

The fullz must have a working  history in Texas in the past 6 months 

To avoid Id.me while filling don’t use the correct employment number you got through search online 

It will be Best if fullz have at least 2 working history 

Don’t use fullz number also fullz mailing address (create an email matching the first and last name of the fullz

Required/ Tools Needed:

  1. Texas SSN Number
  2. First and last name
  3. Date Of Birth
  4. Texas Address information.
  5. Front and back of  Drivers License
  6. Socks5  or any Good VPN 
  7. Create an email matching your SSN details
  8. Google Voice/Text Now/Real USA Number (bonus)
  9. Background Checker / Truthfinder or Checkmate

How to File For Texas Unemployment Benefits 

1. Connect your Socks or VPN to Texas and check your I.P. from inleaks or whoer (Important).

2. Then go to the Texas Unemployment Benefits website: https://www.twc.state.tx.us/

3. On the website, click on Employer Unemployment Benefits Services

4. After clicking on Employer Unemployment Benefits Services, scroll down and click on Login with your existing TWC User ID or create a new User ID

5. On this page, Click on Sign up for a new User ID

6. Enter the necessary details and check if the username you wanted to is available 

7. Create a password and create a security question

8. Enter the Texas SSN Number here and choose Yes for the second question.

9. If you see something like this means the SSN Number has already been used

10. If the SSN Number, you see this page, then click on next

11. Choose the answers like you see in the below screenshot and click on Next

12. You must enter your first name and last, No for the second question, Date of birth, and driver's License number. The last work date is any date less than a year, for example, November 01 2018, to March 28 2022.

13. On the next page, Review the information, and if they are correct, Click on Next

14. If you are asked to call means the fullz score is low, else you will be asked to enter phone and other stuff like below :

15. Answer the questions by choosing like below 

16. Pension Information (Answer like below)
  1. Are you currently receiving a pension or retirement pay? Answer NO
  2. Is the payment from an employer you worked for in the last two years? Don't answer this section
  3. Addition Information 
  4. NO
  5. NO
  6. NO
  7. NO
  8. Leave the previous question that says if yes will you continue to drive …..
  9. Correspondence 
  10. ENGLISH and the authorize TWC and Click Next
17. Check the dropdown Manu and select one Employment Name, Google Employer number, and address. Fill in the details and click on Next 

18. If there are more employees, Select them and click on Next

19. You can get the job information through the background check, Enter the Date you entered in step 12, and fill in the rest like you see on the screenshot.

20. Now, when you are asked about your regular wedges, Enter anything from $120K Monthly, Then reasons why you are no longer working. Select, Layoff 

21. Then click on Next

22. Chose No and click on Next

23. Create a Pin like 1234, and next

24. If you are using Bank Account like any Prepaid Card, choose No; if you want to receive Payment through  TWC Debit Card, Choose: Yes  and click on Next

25. Do you want to sign up for Electronic Correspondence? Choose Yes, scroll down and enter the email you created matching the fullz again

26. Then, Next question, Choose if you are Male or Female, Race, But make sure you choose yes for U.S. citizen

27. Review if all your suggestions are correct and click Next.

28. If you get this place, it means you are through; wait for the payment to drop in your bank account 

29. Payment Reflected like you see.

To Those Getting The TWC error 

Most people send me a screenshot that says, " To request access to employer's information, enter the employer's Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) account number message. You can refer to the below screenshot of what I'm talking about.

If you see the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) errors, kindly use this link: https://bit.ly/3pIdXVJ to file and continue from step 5 after confirming if the SSN is truly from Texas.

Tutorial Credit: Pluto. Eth on telegram


If you follow the above steps carefully, you should receive payment after Texas Unemployment Benefits review your benefit within 48 hours. You can use Prepaid cards like Move, Go2Bank, Moneylion etc., to accept compensation for this benefit. If you find this helpful article, kindly support my filmmaking channel on YouTube by subscribing to my YouTube channel by clicking here to subscribe.

This Post was Last Updated On: August 25, 2022

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