Vodafone Ghana Free Browsing Cheat With HTTP Injector


Most Ghanaians are disappointed after MTN took away their cheapest data bundle service. Some have moved to Vodafone Ghana because it has some cheap bundles of services. It's expensive, so I'm sharing this free browsing vodafone ghana cheat. 

Do you want to avoid constantly running out of data while browsing your Vodafone Ghana network? Do you aspire to have unlimited internet access without breaking the bank? Your prayers have been granted, then! This guide will teach you how to use the Ehi config file and the HTTP Injector app to activate unlimited internet on Vodafone Ghana. To access a world of endless browsing, you only need a 0.20 pesewas top-up and a few straightforward steps. So, let's get started!

Vodafone Ghana Free Browsing Cheat With HTTP Injector


  • HTTP Injector app [Download]
  • Bundle 0.50 pesewas data from vodafone
  • Ehi config file [Download]  
  • Android Mobile Device

If the previous Ehi config file does not connect for you to enjoy the free browsing, you can download the updated version here

Disclaimer : 

This article is only for educational purposes; I may not be responsible for any illegal use of this article. By comprehending these strategies, readers can better understand the workings of mobile networks and data plans and the potential advantages and disadvantages of employing such techniques. Users can benefit from this information by making educated choices regarding their data plans and internet usage and by promoting ethical and responsible use of technology.

Free Browsing Step-by-Step Guide

1. Go to the Google playstore and download and install the HTTP Injector App.

download and install the HTTP Injector App

2. Open the HTTP Injector App, check "I understand this app is for professional users only." and click Ok.

3. Click on the File icon and click on Import config.

4. Locate the Ehi config file you download and import it. (Download from here for free)

HTTP injector fbt

5. Make your 0.50 pesewas data bundle from vodafone ready.

0.50 pesewas data bundle

6. Put your phone in Airplane Mode for 10 sec and turn it off.

7. Open the HTTP Injector App and click start.

HTTP Injector App and click start

8. Click on the log option and see if you see VPN connected

Http injector - VPN connected


1. What to do If you get an error?

Answer: repeat the steps again 

2. What If the Voda Unlimited file doesn't connect?

Answer: Please check if your network is on 3G, then turn on Airplane mode for 10 seconds and turn it off after 10 seconds.

Final Thought 

With this straightforward yet strong strategy, you can appreciate the limitless web on your Vodafone Ghana network without spending a fortune. Follow the means illustrated in this aide, and you'll be en route to limitless perusing quickly. With the HTTP Injector app and Ehi config file, you can use your internet connection to its full potential!

Ehi config file Credit To : Techzone


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