How To Buy Bitcoin With Credit Cards in 2024

There are many online places to buy cryptocurrencies with debit or credit cards, but sometimes, the OTP verification may decline your interest. With the new platform, there is no need to stress; once you meet the requirements, you are ready. In this method, You will learn how to buy Bitcoin with credit cards for free, and I will also show you new tricks to get non-vbv-cards to bypass the micro-deposit verification; let's get started.


Before you begin this process, Let your pal create and verify a MoonPay account and request his login details.

What is MoonPay

It is a fintech startup that enables seamless payment options for your users to purchase or transfer crypto. Its global network of exchanges, wallets, partnerships, and decentralized apps enables it to serve hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide.

How does MoonPay work?

Online exchange services give the cryptocurrency, and MoonPay works with them to complete the credit card payment procedure. As a result, MoonPay is in charge of risk assessments, processing payments with credit card companies, and finishing transactions. MoonPay's automated system, based on powerful AI technology, makes it easier to process online payments while assessing risk as quickly and accurately as possible.

How To Buy Bitcoin With Credit Cards

Now that you know about MoonPay, the next important thing you need is a Credit Card. Search for any non-vbv bin and buy a credit card from your favorite cc shop. Before I move further, to check if your bin is non-vbv or will work on  MoonPay, head over to this website:

Then, enter the bin and add three random numbers to sum up the bin to make it 9. For example my bin is 4323 59, I will add 322 so my bin, now becomes 432359322

If the bin is non-visa, it would give you a chance to put security on the card you have with that bin. 

If the card is vbv, it is not eligible.

Remember, you need a cc that is eligible for a purchase alert. (You can ask your friends for a bin or better, go to your cc shop and copy the bin manually to check if they are non-vbv cards)

1.Login to the MoonPay, they will ask for code, provide it and enter

2.Then click on the buy option.

3.For your first transaction, don't buy more than $300.

4.Enter the card details here, better to get a card in same state as your drop.

5.Incase they ask for number, enter the same number used by client to set up the account.

6. When payment goes through, bitcoin or the crypto should enter your wallet.


Your success depends on the bin. However, Debit cards are 35% more likely to succeed. Get bins from the below bank: 

  3. USAA


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