How to Create a First Tech Fed Bank For Pick-up Moves

In this step-by-step tutorial, I will guide you through creating a unique 'First Tech Fed Bank' designed explicitly for pick-up moves. This Credit Union Bank stands out with its variety of distinctive features, such as ACH, Wire Transfer, Direct Deposit, or cheque moves, not commonly found in other banks. It also offers the convenience of loading with third-party logs for an easy cash-out. Now that you're intrigued by its unique features, let's dive into the first step.

How to Create a "First Tech Fed Bank" For Pick-up Moves

First Tech Fed Bank Requirement.

You can use your client details or fullz to set up this bank. However, if you are using fullz, ensure you have front and bank of Government identification so that you can have your Bank card shipped to a preferred address, but if you are using client details, you will need the below requirements:

  • Client Full name
  • VPN, Sock5 or RDP
  • Social Security number
  • Date of birth 
  • Current address 
  • Occupation
  • Email in the drop name
  • Drop phone number or (you can use Google Voice)
  •  Real Bank to make an initial deposit of $10

First Tech Fed Bank Open Up Method 2024

1. First, connect your VPN or socks5 to the fullz address and go to First Tech Fed Bank's official website:

First Tech Fed Bank

2. Then click on Become a Member 

First Tech Fed Bank

3. Click on Join Now

4. Tap the Continue button

5. Now, go ahead and enter your full name.

6. Enter your phone number and phone type. Choose a cell

7. Scroll to this section and click continue

8. Fill in the home address of the fullz 

9. Enter SSN and Date of Birth, then click continue

10. Enter employment status as "Retired" Previous employer and previous occupation can be anything.

11. Residence status should be U.S citizen

12. Choose the type of identification and enter its details, including the date issued and expiration.

13. Do you want to add another applicant? choose No

14. Click on Manual

15. Then type the bank details for the initial deposit. Choose the account type and the amount you can enter from $10 and above. (Ensure the bank is real, not hacked logs)

16. Choose "No" for this overdraft option

17. Select Opt-Out for the Rewards checking.

18. Check Mark Debit Mastercard and click continue.

19. Agree to the terms and choose No, I'm not subject to backup withholding.

20. Choose I agree

21. Finally, click on Submit

22. The application will be reviewed for at least three days before approval.

23. Check the email used for the account and confirm the account.

24. The next step is setting up a Password, so click Create a Password.

25. Enter the email, and click Next

26. Enter the Password and confirm. That's it


Creating First Tech Fed Bank is a straight process. Setting it up if you meet the requirements should take at most 20 minutes. If you miss Ally or Card Premium Bank this open up is for you. 


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