hi folks, today am going to share with you guys how to browse unlimited with AirtelTigo Sunday Offer  so without being said let get in


1. Anonytun You can download Here 
2. 80 Pws airtime 

AirtelTigo Sunday Offer Cheat

1.First of all dial *111*3#

2. Then select 4 for Sunday special offer

3.Activate it,  which is 30pws

Note: 1gb usage since it uses small data to connect anonytun

To connect to anonytun it needs small data to connect so you have to activate an offer which is 50ps

1.Dial *500#

2.select 1 which is big-time daily bundle

3.select 1 again with is 25mb for 50ps

(30pws +50 pws =80pws ) for 1GiG 

You can accumulate more  Gig by activating the 30pws which is Sunday Special

After all, activation follows the settings below :

Click Stealth Settings

Turn Stealth Tunnel On

Then Scroll down and Advanced SSL settings  On

Then input the SETTINGS and click on ok

Then click on Connect 

Cheers !!!!!!