Someone sent this cheat to me on WhatsApp, I have not tried it yet because I don't really browse with mtn because the network is very poor in my area. If this work for you kindly say a word prayer for the guy who shared this cheat with me. 

Note : it's only for educational purpose and I will delete this cheat after 5 hours.

Mtn Cheat auto Renewal for Ghana 

First things first buy 3gh airtime for this process process

1. Dial *138#

2. Choose 1 to proceed 

3. Choose 1 to buy data bundle

4. Choose 1 to buy for urself

5. Choose 4 to buy 471

6. Buy from airtime and proceed

7. After enter 99 and send 

8. Then choose 0 to go back 

9. Then choose option 1 for Flexi bundle and activate 

No need to do anything, that's all, you are good to go

It gonna renew automatically after the data is exhausted and remember you don't need to buy airtime again