Akufo-Addo Slam Mahama Again calls him inconsistent and flip-flops


Nana Akufo-Addo the President of Ghana  has once again slams the 2020 presidential competitor of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Mahama has demonstrated after some time, to be conflicting, as he flip-flops on issues of public turn of events. 

Talking at Bibiani, toward the finish of his three-day visit through the Western North Region, on Saturday, Nana Akufo-Addo expressed that it is significant for the validity of the nation's public talk that people in the nation's public space are believed to be reliable in their perspectives and support. 

As per him, "when the Bill administering the foundation of the National Health Insurance Scheme were being passed in 2003, I was in Parliament. I saw the NDC MPs, which included Mahama, kicking against it by organizing a leave the House." 

Nana Akufo-Addo proceeded, "When President Kufuor effectively actualized it, Mahama and Mills said they would execute a one-time installment of the National Health Insurance, yet for a long time, eight strong years, that guarantee never turned into a reality. 

"Today, Mahama says he is without bringing essential medical care whenever decided in favor of. Would we be able to confide in him? Did he satisfy his guarantees for which reason we ought to accept that he would satisfy this? No, we can't confide in him." 

Addressing the undoing of the recompenses for instructor and nursing learners, he noticed that understudies and, to be sure, all benevolent Ghanaians, requested that the previous President reestablish the stipends, all without much of any result. 

"We beseeched him to reestablish them, however he was determined to the degree that he said if that would mean he losing the 2016 decisions, so be it. I reestablished the educator and nursing preparing stipends, and now he has changed his tongue once more. 

He says he will presently keep on paying educator and nursing preparing stipends! Would we be able to confide in him? No chance!", President Akufo-Addo answered. 

Once more, on the Zongo Development Fund, which, in the perspective on the President, is getting advancement to the individuals Zongo people group, he described how previous President Mahama said the utilization of the Zongo Development Fund for the arrangement of ICT offices and AstroTurf pitches spoke to a misappropriation of assets, just for the previous President to pivot and guarantee the development of morgues and sanctioning 'okada' for occupants in Zongo people group. 

Once more, on the Free Senior High School strategy, the President reviewed how John Mahama expressed that the promise by the NPP to give Free SHS was a simple political contrivance and just lies, as the usage of the approach can just occur in 20 years.  

"Two years prior, he said in the event that you had GH¢2 billion, you shouldn't spend everything on Free SHS. Today, he says that in the event that he is given the mantle of administration, he will proceed with the usage of Free SHS. Would we be able to confide in him on this? No!", President  proceeded. 

To John Mahama, he asked "You have battled the Free Senior High School this while, what has occurred? What adjusted your perspective on the Free SHS? The Ghanaian public have the right to know, why have you adjusted your perspective on the Free Senior High School strategy. He is conflicting and a flip-flop, an attribute not seen in Akufo-Addo." 

Akufo-Addo, accordingly, solicited occupants from Western North to keep on continuing to have trust and trust in him, including that "I will consistently be honest to you, and work for the solidarity, progress, flourishing and improvement of our country." 

With the NPP having just three seats out of the nine seats in the Western North Region, he was cheerful that the 2020 decisions will see an adjustment in fortunes for the NPP. 

"I ask that gigantic changes happen this time around for every one of you to be essential for the elephant family. You will never lament being an aspect of the NPP. I encourage you to cast a ballot Four More for Nana", he said. 

He spoke to occupants of the Bibiani to cast a ballot enormously for the NPP's parliamentary applicant, Alfred Obeng.


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