Buying internet data in Ghana is a bit a pricy, imagine watching your favorite movie on YouTube , the amount in cedis to buy before you watch a 30 minute video on YouTube, some people can afford while some will prefer  to use a free browsing trick. so today I will just share a quick tutorial on how to browse the internet with 0.00 balance on MTN Ghana.

All you need to do is to follow the guidelines i am going to demonstrate below, so without being said let get started  

Browse The Internet For Free With MTN Ghana

Tool Needed:

Okay so we going to use some two tools to get this  Free Internet working which are :

1. MTN 0.00kb Tls Script from @freeinternetcommunity which you can download Here
2. TLS Tunnel App which you can also download Here

Procedures To Configure For Free Internet

1. Download both MTN 0.00kb Tls Script and TLS Tunnel App

2. Make You know where the downloaded MTN 0.00kb Tls Scrip is located

3. Install  TLS Tunnel App on your phone

4. Now open TLS Tunnel App 

5. Then click on the 3 dot at the top Conner of the TLS Tunnel App 

6. Click on Import/ Export

7. Again click on import Config

8. Now locate where you downloaded MTN 0.00kb Tls Script 

9.And import the MTN 0.00kb Tls Script

10. Now click on the  Start Button to start browsing free