Okay, so today, I want to walk you through how to register Upwork and get your profile approval easily. This process is for those trying to register for the first time, trust me this process will work for Fiverr and other freelancing websites as well. 


According to the CEO of the Upwork website, Upwork.com gets about 12,000 new Registrations Daily on the Website. As the site keeps growing and becoming more relevant, the site also becomes more selective with who can apply for freelancing jobs. After my previous post on How to make money as a freelancer in Ghana, most people seem to have difficulties in getting their Upwork profile approved.

I know this can be frustrating. So today, I’m going to share with guys a proven strategy I have tested behind the scenes to increase your profile’s chances of getting approved by Upwork. so let's get started 

How to register Upwork and get approved easily

1. First go to https://www.upwork.com/ and Enter your valid email address or you can also continue with Google

2. Now on this page, enter your First name, Last name, Password, then select work as Freelancer( If you select for Hire for a project means you are not working as a freelancer rather, you are going to pay people to do a job for you). Enter your user name like below 

3.Now verify your account through the email they sent by checking your email account

4.You will directed to this page, Then click on continue.

5.On the getting started page  Click on Start My Profile

6.Now on the Expertise page select what you are going to offer as a freelancer, I select Motion Graphic and Video Production since that's what i am good at . Also selected Video editing  as my offer

7. At the Expertise level select Intermediate and not Entry  Level.

8.Enter Your education background at this section  

9. What is your English proficiency choose Fluent

10. Enter $20 as your Hourly rate 

11.Enter your Title,(I entered Video Editor)  then  write sometime about your professional overview  

12.Now upload your image (make sure its a professional portrait that clearly shows your face)

13.Enter your location information like I did below 

14.Type your Phone number then click Preview Profile

15. Now you will be directed on your profile like below, You are to wait for 24 hours to get Approval

Cheers !!!!