You are welcome to my blog site and Thank you for making a decision to read this article on this website. I believe we have the same goal and hope you'll learn a lot in this article. Today I will be sharing with you :

  • What is freelancing
  • Types of freelance gigs
  • How to to set up your Freelancing profile to get approved easily
  • Earn more money genuinely as a freelancer
  • Understand freelancing
  • Be guided on how to start freelancing in Ghana

Okay, so I started my journey in freelancing back in 2016, not knowing what to expect. but after many errors and successes, I have decided to put together this article on how to make money online through freelancing in Ghana. so without wasting too much on the above write up,  let get started.

What is freelancing

Freelancing simply refers to someone who is self-employed and hired to work for different companies on a particular assignments and not necessarily committed to a particular employer for a long term  

Types of freelance gigs

So as stated earlier, freelancing means that, you are giving someone  your  Knowledge, abilities, experience to perform a   particular assignments . You can do this in many ways through a computer or your phone. but I want to touch on Video Editing and Blogging. But before we go into this, I work on The below Freelancing Website As a Freelancer

You can register any of the above freelancing websites or better still register all of them, Note: I am not telling you to also register as a Video editor or a Blogger. You can also register as a Graphic Designer, Programmer, Virtual assistants etc. and if you don't have any Skills at all and you want to Pursue one, I will sharing some free Courses from where you can start learning new skills to join this wonderful Online Job Opportunity. 

Get Free Online Courses From Udemy Here 

If you don't get a particular skill you want  on the ones I am going to share, kindly message us by using the contact us on the navigation bar on the website   and request one  from us or better still, YouTube that particulars skill and start from there  .Let me  move on to Video Editing.

Video Editing

Video editing is the manipulation and arrangement of video shots. Video editing is used to structure and present all video information, including films and television shows, video advertisements, and video essays

How to to set up your Freelancing profile to get approved easily.

Okay so now as you've made your mind to join  Freelancing you probably  need to get an account and not just that, you need to be approved before you can start your Freelancing Career. Some freelancing website like Upwork and fever sometimes are very difficult to get approval on their website unlike but not to worry I will get you covered with step by step tutorial on how to get approved easily on Upwork which is the same procedures to get Fever approved, you can click here to know how to get approved easily on Upwork 


Blogging is one of the most reliable ways to make money online, I personally make some few dollars through blogging so i will share with you how i make money from blogging . To start blogging you need a good writing skills which I'm still working on to improve my writing skills, also need to be very creative . 

To start blogging, you need to choose a Niche (according to your interest & knowledge) then create a blog and a AdSense account. if you need step by step tutorial on how to start a blog and how to get AdSense approval  comment below and I will set up a complete tutorial on it.

Earn more money genuinely as a freelancer

So someone may ask, how do I make money from such skills (Video editing and Blogging)
Well, there are 100,00 plus client online looking for people to edit their videos for them to upload it on YouTube, so since I am into editing and on my Freelancer profile you can see my skill or since I fall into the categories of Video Editors, I will  see a lot of people looking for editors to work with, some will contact you to work for them while other companies  too, you will need to apply it on their profile. And a  blogger I get paid through Google AdSense, Guest Post, sell eBooks etc.  Now let  move on to the last part of the tutorial 

Be guided on how to start freelancing in Ghana

Just like a said earlier, Freelancing is the act of giving someone your Knowledge, abilities, experience to perform a  particular assignments. so if you are good in a particular field try and get an account on any freelancing website and starting making money. you can do this as a full time or part time. lastly you can do more research on how to starting free or you can follow my mentor on Facebook : "Gemini Multimedia Limited" who introduce me into this Freelancing  business