How to withdraw money from PayPal account in Ghana

Okay, so in my previous tutorial, I shared How To Create A verified PayPal Account In Ghana and promised to share with you guy's how to withdraw your PayPal funds into your local bank account here in Ghana and how to cash out from the ATM. 

Previously withdrawing money from your PayPal account directly into your bank account here in Ghana took time and effort. However, I will show you the easiest way to withdraw money from your PayPal account in Ghana.

In the previous guide, where I shared how to create a verified PayPal account in Ghana, I made mention of UBA Africa (Visa) in the information required section for opening a PayPal account. However, UBA Africa is not the only Bank card you can use. These banks can also be used:

How  to withdraw money from PayPal account in Ghana

Banks in Ghana that accept PayPal

  • First Atlantic Bank (Debit card)
  • United Bank of Africa (Debit card)
  • Ecobank Bank (Master Card)
  • Zenith Bank 
  • GT Bank (Cards)
  • GCB (Visa Cards)
  • Fidelity Bank (Debit card)
  • Barclays Bank now Absa (Debit card)
  • Standard Chartered (Cards)

Okay, the above mention banks can be used for PayPal accounts in Ghana but are very tough to use due to some additional work. With banks like GCB and Ecobank, you must go for your bank statement to check and confirm a code sent by PayPal.

For banks like United Bank of Africa and First Atlantic Bank, the verification code will be sent to you through email or SMS like the below screenshot :

United Bank of Africa

In my case, I will be using UBA Africa to demonstrate this tutorial since that's what I use for my online transactions and other activities. 

Step to get a UBA AfriCard for your PayPal Activation 

Uba Africa is used for online payment activities like paying for Facebook ads, online shopping, etc. You can get one and start using it for your online activities. But in this case, we will use it for PayPal activations and Withdrawals. You will use it for any kind of online transaction. 

If you need a uba Africa for your PayPal activations and Withdrawals, you must go to any UBA branch near you.

 Go with a Valid ID card, 2 to 3 Passports Pictures, a Tin Number, and at least 50 cedis. Tell them that you want to apply for a uba Africa. They will give you a form to fill, fill the form. If there is any question that you don't understand, don't fill it in.

 Note: The card is categorized in two types [that is personalized and non-personalized or instant]

The personalized one will have your name on it and will take Up to one week before it comes out. But the instant one will be issued to you the same day. So while filling out the form, mark the personalized one if that is what you want, or keep the instant if you want to take it at once. When you receive your card, two pins will be given to you and also an envelope. The two pins are:


You change your withdrawal pin instantly at the atm machine with the directions given to you. Load the 25 cedis on it Immediately. Now that you have received it, you have to Activate it. You have to activate it after receiving it.

Step to Withdraw PayPal Funds in Ghana

Now that you've gotten your Uba Africa ready follow the simple steps below to link the card to your PayPal and how to withdraw the money from your PayPal to the card. 

1. Log into your PayPal Account with the Lesotho IP we used yesterday for creating the account (Don't use VPN, just

PayPal Account with the Lesotho IP

2. Then Click on the account settings tab like below :

PayPal account settings

3. Click on Money, Bank, and Card like below:

Money, Bank and Card
4. Now click on the link bank card illustrated below : 

link bank card to PayPal

5. Now, on this page, Enter the card numbers; the Card type is Visa Card; enter the date of expatriation and the security code at the back and click Link Card. After that, click on Get verification code 
Get verification code
i. Card numbers, date of expatriation

Uba Card numbers

ii. Security Code
Uba linking code to PayPal

6. The will be sent to the email you used for creating the UBA card at the bank; you can see my code below:
my code below

7. Now enter the four-digit code you received from the bank here and click on Confirm Card 

Confirm Card

8. Once you are done, Payment will notify you of the successful account limit lifted  

successful account limit lifted

9. If you don't get any of these two messages, it means there is something you are not doing right. 

Now we are done linking the card to our PayPal account, it's time to know how to withdraw the PayPal funds into your uba card, which you can go to the ATM for cash out. But before you start your fund onto UBA Africa, Uba charges $5 for any bank transfer, meaning any amount you try to remove will be charged $5.

For example, if you have $50 and want to withdraw the $50, you will receive $45 on the card. You know all about the charges; you can go ahead and start your PayPal funds: 

10. Now click on Transfer 

11. Since I have my card linked already, I will click Next; if there is no card, click the link a debit card you wish to withdraw the funds onto 

12. Enter the amount you wish to transfer and click on Next. Once it goes through successfully, You should send a congratulatory message. 


We have successfully linked and withdrawn our funds onto our local bank account here in Ghana without going through exchangers who will rip us. If you enjoy this tutorial, kindly like our Facebook Page and remember to share.

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  1. Bro, I am very much enjoying this tutorial.. thanks for sharing. Very much appreciated!!

  2. Can you add Ghana Bank
    Like Fidelity,Ecobank,etc without the card

  3. Do you need to open an account before u can get the UBA card

    1. Opening an account with them is a bonus but you don't need an account with them before you get their prepaid card

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