Using shortcuts and other tips and tricks make your laptop or computer easy to use. There are a lot of tips and tricks for "windows 10" that can help you use your laptops or computer fast. So today, I will be sharing with you Five (5) Hidden "windows 10" tips and tricks 2020 you must try now. 

There are a lot of tips and tricks for 'windows 10" But, I'm going to share this Hidden once which, I believe many people do not know about it. 

Five (5) Hidden windows 10 tips and tricks 2020 you must try now

1.To Instantly Lock your PC 

Press Windows Button + L key to immediately lock screen between tasks.

2. Saving a .xlxs (EXCEL) File as .xlsb will reduce its file size to 75%.

3. To enable Emoji Keyboard on your  PC

 Press Windows Button + (.) Dot Key 

4. To Permanently delete a file which can't  shouldn't be in your  recycle bin.

Select the file you want to delete and Press Shift + Delete 

5. To enable Dark Mode on Your Windows 10 PC, Go to Settings>Personalization>Color> Enable Dark Mode .


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