I'm sure most of you are very aware that 911 is permanently closed due to some explanations. According to multiple sources, the 911 proxy service shut down its proxy/sock server due to hackers' attacks and a cybersecurity breach.

It is no news  that  911 proxy was akin to critical infrastructure for many in the cybersecurity space after its top two competitors (luxsocks and vip72) was shut down by the FBI last year. Today I'm going to share the best 911 alternative that has been in the system since 2015 and is still in operation. 

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After the permanent shutdown of the 911 proxy, a lot of telegram channels and other carders are penetrating the system with an alternative for 911, but I must warn you, not all are reliable. 
In this article, I will share the best 911 alternative (faceless). How to fund your faceless and buy socks and How to connect socks you purchase from faceless. So let's get started.

Take Note: The below article is only for educational purposes. I may not be responsible for any damage cost.

How to use sock5  Faceless method (best 911 alternative)

1. We are using the best 911 alternative which is faceless so we go to their official website  https://faceless.cc/

2. Now, if you have an account, you can go straight and log in, or else you will need to create an account with them. Take note: It will cost you 100$ to activate the faceless account, and the activation fee will not be added to your faceless balance.

3. The next thing is to fund your faceless account  balance, so click on the balance on the navigation bar .

4. You can fund your faceless account  balance with Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dash. In my case I'm funding with Bitcoin so I will click on Bitcoin.

5. If the your faceless account is activated, you can load any amount into your faceless account  balance. So I'm going to copy the address I will be given (Make sure to copy the address they will give you not the one in this screenshot).

6. I want to load $7.00 into my faceless account so I will just type $7.00 in my bitcoin wallet and pay. 

7. After few minute the amount you funded the faceless account will reflect on your  faceless account balance

Now that we have funded our faceless account, let move on to how to buy our  911 proxy/sock5 from the faceless account.

8. To buy socks from your faceless account, Click on the dropdown menu

9. Then click on socks like you see below 

10. List of Socks Proxy IP address and its prices will pop up like you see below

11. Let assume you have a method(tutorial)  or you bought  a logs with a particular state IP, just come here and look for the state IP, In my case, I'm going in for Arizona state since that's what I want.

12. If you decide on a particular state you want, Click on the view button attached to the IP address you want.

 13. When you click on view, Information about the socks, Number of days you can use the proxies and Prices will show up. you can buy two or more depending on the work you are doing.

14. If you want to buy one just click on Day 1 option which in my case $1

15. After purchase, you should see your socks information instantly on your dashboard

Now that you have your Socks Proxy purchased successfully from Faceless, its time to configure the sock into our system or favorite browser, in my case, proxify my whole system so follow the below guidelines 

Take Note : With Faceless socks their Socks5 comes with Authentication (Login:Password), you need a software that supports it.

16. Since Socks5  comes with Authentication (Login:Password) we are going to make use of one popular software called ProxyCap, You can search and download ProxyCap from google or click here to download. Install and restart your Pc after installation is done 

17. If you are using mac or windows phone you can also downlead respectively and use it

18. After installing the ProxyCap software, click on Tray arrow like below

19. Make sure  to Enable ProxyCap from Tray like below 

20. Click on Configuration from the tray

21. Make sure Proxies is activated by clicking on it

22. Then click on New Proxy Server icon 

23. It will bring up the proxy interface where you will enter your socks details

24. This is how the socks from faceless comes like : 

25. And this is how you will enter your details.

26. You can check if your IP is clean by going to https://ipleak.net/

Another Software you can use to connect your Faceless socks since its comes with Authentication (Login:Password) is proxifier, You can also google or download from here. 

How to connect Faceless socks using Proxifier

1. Download and install Proxifier

2. After installing, Click on Profile

3. Then click on Proxy Server

4. As you can see, I have already connected a sock5 but since you are connecting just click on Add.

5.Enter the socks5 you purchase from faceless like below and click on Check:

6. When you click on Check, and you see the below message then you are good to go

7. Now , let add our favorite browser we will like proxy, so click on Proxification Rules

8. Click on Add

9. Locate your favorite browser you will wish to configure your Proxifier proxy like you always do for 911. (Mine is located on my C drive program 64x

10. Click on the browser and click on Open

11. Make sure the proxy you login is selected then click on Ok

12. Browser should pop up

12. Remember the first serial number is your number and last serial number marked green is your Port

How to connect Sock5 from different source that comes with IP and Port Number using Mozilla Firefox browser 

1. Open Firefox browser and click on Application Menu Tab

2. Click on Settings 

3. Scroll down till you see Network Securitys, Then click on Settings 

4. Change configure proxy access to the internet to Manually Proxy Configuration.

5. Now enter the socks proxies IP:Port you got from faceless at SOCKS Host (IP:Port comes in this form :
  • Your SOCKS Host is
  • Your Port is 57425

6. Go to ipleak.net on the same browser to check if the IP is clean or connecting.

7. If its a dead socks you will see the below Unable to connect page.

List of other sock5 shop



Free Sock5 Give away 

Take note : The below giveaway will expire in 24 hours, meaning after 24 hours these below will expire. I'm only sharing the below sock5 for experiment only. Abuse the below sock at your own risk.

1. 5f9669ae0ab0:62f1dbfcc695@
Socks IP:

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Faceless is not the only socks proxies shop, there are a lot of options out there, I have posted other  socks proxies shops. If Faceless is expensive to register. You can use any of the listed shop listed in the article admin.5socks has currently close their registration portal due to large number of  new registrant. If you are able to get their account you can go ahead and use it, How to set admin sock tutorial

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