I am going to walk you through a step by step method on how to Send Anonymous text message To Any Phone Number. This method is free when starting, you will be given 2000 credit to spend. This is one of the easiest ways to send text message anonymously. 

How To Send Anonymous text message To Any Phone Number

This method is only meant for educational purpose. I only use this method to prank my stubborn sister and I hope you will use this method wise and not to intimidate anyone.   


  1. Fake email account 
  2. Anti Phone app
  3. Internet Bundle 

Now let get started with the main tutorial on how to send text message anonymous. Please be guide, the below information are only for educational purposes.

1. First thing first,  Download the  Anti Phone App by clicking Here  

2. Now click on Sign in with Google. (use the fake email you created) and Verify It

3. Skip all the message that appears like below :

4. In this section choose a Number from the numbers given to you like below :

5. Like said earlier, you will be given  2000 credits to spend

6. Click on the + plus button on the app like below :

7. Then in this section you can types the name and the phone number of your victim 

8.Or Allow contacts permission to select the number from your contact list

9. I am going to use my own number to demonstrate this 

10. Now I am going to type message, after I am done with my message I will  click on Send.

 11.Once the Message Sent, Anti Phone App Will Notify you


To get unlimited credit for sending Anonymous text messages, Uninstall the App and register with another fake email for unlimited sending. If you enjoy this article kindly, like our Facebook Page, and don't forget to share.