A few days ago, most people especially from my telegram channel ask me to share with them the ongoing tax refund method which, I did post on my channel, well due to security issues I did not want to post them on any of my blogs.

Yes, I did not want to do that. Well after posting the tutorial, most keep asking me questions which I can't reply to one by one due to my current situation. Though I'm getting better, I have been advised to rest more. Not to worry I want to answer most of the questions here.

NOTE: This post is only for educational purpose 

1.One of the key questions most people ask is, how can they file for the Tax refund method without a client.

Answer: To file the Tax refund method without a client, you first need Fullz, not just any "fullz" but a good one. Remember a good fullz means the owner pays his or her tax well. 

2.What will I do after getting a Good fullz? 

Answer: After getting your good fullz, do a background search with truthfinder or white pages to get the company the fullz owner has worked for, then search for the company ID which you can do research on it, or leave a message in the comment section for help.  

3. Which VPN is good for this method? 

Answer: Any premium VPN should work fine( There are a lot of methods to get a premium VPN on this blog for free. you can search this blog)

4. Should the name of the SSN match the bank details for the Tax refund method 

Answer:  Well I had wanted to be perfect when submitting mine but most people are proving it's not needed which is true. you can use a different bank with a different name to file.

5. Apart from Bank Account what else can we use to receive our Tax refund money.

Answer: You can use any Prepaid card for the Tax refund money.

6. When can I get reply from them incase of anything 

Answer: mine took a week while others say 3-4 days so I can't really tell.

7.How can I know my file is under process 

Answer: visit sa.www4.irs.gov and enter the ssn you used to file the tax refund


Mostly after you check your status you will not see any response from them. Well, don't worry, it's because most people are submitting their requests. Lastly to get the complete tax refund method click Here