You've taken the ethical hacking courses, you've been introduced to the tools and the methodology. This course brings it all together showing students how to perform an actual pentest and gain root access.  More importantly, students learn how to conduct a pentest using the hacker's methodology.
We learned to walk before we could run and technology and pentesting are no different. This course is designed to introduce students to skills similar to what hackers use in real-life situations and obtain a greater depth of understanding of how vulnerabilities are exploited.

What you'll learn

  1. A much higher skill level as a pentester or a hacker.
  2. Learn basic tools and techniques in vulnerability assessment and exploitation
  3. Foot printing, scanning, enumeration, explotation and privilege escalation
  4. Practical understanding of pentesting tools and techniques


  • A good understanding of networking.
  • Entry level knowledge of pretesting or hacking.
  • Comfortable using the Linux command line interface (CLI).
  • Comfortable learning bits of programming code such as Python and PHP.
  • Comfortable creating virtual machines.
  • Hardware and software capable of handling virtualization.
  • Comfortable with the English language.
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