How To Create a CashApp Account In Ghana or Any African Country

In the past few days, most messages have been receiving from most of my social media handles show that many people need to learn how to create a CashApp account since they are not in Europe ( US/UK).

 A few days ago, 4-5 guys were in my Inbox asking me to share how they can create a CashApp account since they are outside the USA or UK. Today I decided to share how I got my CashApp account here in Ghana, but before I start, What CashApp?

CashApp is a mobile payment service like Paypal that allows users to transfer cash/money to one another using their money Phones. Now let's go straight to the main topic for today. 

Tools Needed for a CashApp Account

  1.  Premium VPN.
  2. SSN fullz
  3.  A US number
  4.  At least 1$ - $2.
  5. CashApp app

Guide to Setup a CashApp Account In Ghana or Any African Country

1. First thing first, Get any Premium VPN like Nord VPN, any good VPN you like

2. Connect your VPN to any US server.

3. Now search on google and download Cashapp.apk (Since you are not in Europe US/UK, you can't download Cashapp.apk directly from the Google Play store).

4. Install Cashapp.apk after downloading.

5. Open Cashapp and create a new account; use your e-mail or a number from the US

6. In the registration process,s where you ask full name, enter the name on the SSN you bought from your favourite shop.

7. Again, enter ssn ZIP when registering 

8. After entering all required details, you must order a cash card. Just click on "Order" ( No need to customize the card you are ordering)

9. In the mailing address, ask your client to receive the card for you

10. Now click on Next

11. You will need to put the legal name again, and it will ask for the last 4 digits of the social security number.

12. Cheers!!! We've successfully created our cash app account without paying some cash to help us. If you are smart enough, completing this won't take up to 10 minutes.  


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  1. stop sharing what you havent tested.. done this n i still can't receive money. to make things worse is that cashapp is telling the person sending money that it's a potential scam

    1. Bro how did you do it and what happened

    2. Some of you sef I don't know what dey wrong you. When someone post something and you don't understand ask questions. Don't be commenting as if you've sat on your brain

  2. Step 1. ask your client to receive the card for you
    Step 2. still waiting on "clients". Noone stupid.

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