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 I was waiting to get a confirmation from the loan method I file before posting them but the pressure and the insult in my DM are getting of hand. After posting this method I will not have any time to explain anything to you that happens next. There are a lot of  Student Loan methods going but this method isn't like them but the pressure from some of you won't allow me to get time.

Before I begin, I was planning to post Navy Federal Credit Union on but since you guys are much interested in this let me post it.

Tools Needed  

1. Any God Vpn (Prefer 911)

2. Any State Fullz

3. Email that matches the Fullz First and Last Name

Student Loan Method 2021

To start this method we first need to apply for a student ID. Now if you apply and you get reject means the fullz information submitted is not correct. usually, it will take up to 72 hours to confirm your aid.   

1. Okay so first things first Create an email with the first and last name of the fullz you are using.

2. Then Connect your VPN to the fullz state 

3. Now head over to

4. Then click on Get Started 

5.Now fill in the below requirement  with your fullz information 

6.Now in here, make sure whatever you write here you copy it down especially the Username and password, then enter the email you created with the fullz information 

7.Now fill in the Fullz address , leave the Phone Number section Empty, don't check the yes box. then click on continue 

8.Check the box like below and continue 

9. Now set your Question with your own Answers also make sure to Note it down

10.Now check if all information filled is correct before submitting 

11. On the next page click on Verify and check on your email, you should receive a code 

12. Copy the code and go back to page and enter the code 

13. You should receive email verification like below then click on Finish

14. You will receive a message telling you they have to confirm your name and ssn you submitted.

15. In 24 to 72 hours you should receive a message like below.

Done with the first step since the rest of the tutorial is sensitive, I will post them on my telegram channel or on my other blog (

cheers !!!!


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  8. Dis requires fullz of a younger person right?

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  10. Man keep ya good work going thumbs up👍...please I need good fullz to start my first loan application any help..😊

  11. still paying in 2022?

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