: Bitcoin Carding Method

I have taken Eight days of from Telegram just solve some personal health related issues but most people keeps texting and call for this Crypto method. Yes I have tested this method but initially I did not want to post anything about this bitcoin carding method, the reason is that, I see it as simple where even a 5 year old kid can also play with but I guess most people still want to get them guide, so  here we go.


  • Verified account
  • Good VPN to stay Anonymous
  • Bin 466188 or any Credit Union Bin 
  • Your first transaction should not be more than $200 (Important)
Note :Don't try creating and verifying the account yourself if you are located in Africa, its a waste of time. You won't be verified. spending your money on ssn for the registering will be cost zero. 

Get a friend in the USA to register and verify the account for you. Those with client can easily get this done easily. If you don't have all the above means at all, get someone who has the account and follow the below guide and work, after you both can share.

Warning : The below tutorial is just an illustration of how to Crypto currency with Credit Card, this article is only for educational purpose, I may not be responsible for any damage cost.

Crypto Bitcoin Carding Methods

Since I did not made up my mind to share this tutorial I never took any screenshot during the process but not to worry, I will keep this method very simple. If you follow as instructed you can also make some few cash out of this. Let start this very quick.

1. Once the account is fully registered and you have the account available with you. Click on Trade

2. Then you click on Buy

3. After clicking on Buy, list of Crypto currencies will show up, Choose any Crypto currency you want

4. After selecting the Crypto currency you to Purchase, I will be prompt to add your Credit Card Or Debit Card.

5. Click on Add Credit Or Debit Card.

6. Now on the new page you will be asked to enter Credit Card details, Enter the credit card you have and click on Add Card. (Remember I provided a bin or better still use any credit union bin)

7. After successfully linking the Card go ahead and Buy your Crypto currency. 


Finally done with another trending method " method". With is this method you are getting everything instant. this is not the time to wait for any item to be shipped to your drop address or something. Once the card is good Cheers!! One last thing, Remember to type the cc when linking it to your Account. uses bot to detect copy and paste details so be advise.  Please don't forget to support me by Subscribing to my YouTube Channel 

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    1. and be aware of the phishing sites unicvv is the only correct link it cost $100 for activation i strongly advice you to buy your from the admin chat him up on telegram he is the best in the game i mean KpoyagaHack

  2. Should it be done on a phone or computer

  3. after the first $200 crypto purchase, how many more times can I purchase on the site. can I use the same card again or do I need to add a fresh card after the first transaction ?

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