Step by Step On how Netspend is load 2021

Today, I'm going to share a simple illustration of how to load or how to put cash on Netspend. Netspend is a Prepaid card which means to load this particular Prepaid card, We can use the direct deposit method to load this particular card. So without much, I do let get started. 

NOTE: The Below information is only for educational purposes I may not be responsible for any damage cost.

Okay, so to load this particular Prepaid card, we need to follow the rule. Before we can get this job done. we will need the below tools.

Tools Needed

  1. Netspend login access
  2. Computer/ Your Phone 
  3.  Bank Log with email access 
  4. Paid VPN, Socks, or RDP

How To Load Netspend Guide

Take note that not all Bank has direct deposit options. There are a few banks that have direct deposits like Indiana FCU, Woodforest, Usaa, Bluefcu. You can google direct deposit banks and get those banks for this kind job. Let get started. 

1. Once you have all the tools, you need to connect your socks, RDP, or VPN to the Netspend IP have.

2. Head over to the Netspend website: ( and log into the Netspend Prepaid card you want to load.

3. Now on, the Navigation bar of the Netspend click on the direct deposit 

4. You will see the AN and RN of the Netspend

5. Copy and Save the AN and RN of the Netspend

6. Then move over to Netspend Profile and copy the Name, Address of the account, and save that one as well

7. Now the next to do is to log into any bank logs that have direct deposit options. You can use Woodforest, Bluefcu. Indiana FCU or Huntington bank etc.

8. Direct deposit bank has a pay bill option so, once you log into the bank log click on Payment on the Navigation bar.

9. Then click on  Pay Bills

10.Type the Name, Address, Account Number and Routine Number of the Netspend Prepaid card you copied in steps 5 and 6

11. Click on Make a payment

12. Now relax for 48 - 72 hours . Money should reflect on your Netspend Prepaid card.


 Finally done with the How to load Netspend Prepaid card, I kept this tutorial simple for anyone to follow along. Kindly be informed, I don't recommend shops that sell banks logs and never contact anyone from the comment below that claims to sell logs unless you trust the person. Next Tutorial will be how to wire check. Stay tune !!!

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