I'm going to share this simple method on how to cash your bank logs, I don't want to waste too much time explaining things here. This method has been vetted by me. I will leave a video tutorial on this method at the end of this tutorial.

The above-listed tutorials are just a few of the methods but there are many of them on both blogs, you can use the search bar on both websites to search for any loading, top-ups, spamming, and carding method.

That is just, by the way, today I want to share a simple guide on how people cash out through bank log through Bill Pay. I hear many people say it's just like Ach Bank Transfer, well let's find out but before I begin, If you follow me on telegram kindly, be careful, scammers are pretending to be me by cloning my telegram username. Note: my username on telegram is @Realkpoyaga2022, any, name, apart from @Realkpoyaga2022is a scam.

NOTE: The Below information is only for educational purpose, I may not be responsible for any damage cost.

Required/ Tools Needed:

  1. 911 or any Good VPN 
  2. Bank logins with balance (Take Note : I Don't sell logs)
  3. Drop first and last name 
  4. Drop address (where your bill pay check will be sent to)
  5. Client Phone Number 

Step By Step on How to run Bill Pay

1. To avoid getting problems when logging into any bank logs, make sure to connect your IP to the bank log zip code or city IP.

2. Then login into the bank logs you are using.

2. Click on Bill Pay or Transfer Button on the Nav Bar

3. Type your dank drop name here and click on search

4.If the name does show up, enter the name manually, If you are billing to a person click on Person 


5. Enter drop name and address in this section.

  6.Enter the zip, state and phone number here and click on Next.

7. Enter the amount and date you want bill pay to delivered 

8.Done, you will receive a confirmation page.  On the specified delivery date, the check will be delivered to your delivery service.


Done !!! We are basically sending "CHECK" with funds on it to client  to deposit into your his or her account for next day cash out. Let me answer this question here before you start beating yourself over it  : All USA banks has got Bill Pay options on it so you can use any bank. On last thing, anytime you login into any bank log make sure to disable any alert notifications go to the settings tab and turn off all notifications . Please the only help I need in return is for you to subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking Here.