This is just a quick method sent to me by friend, I have not tested it yet so I can't fully explain better but from what I know you will need to be verified by before you put this California Edd - DA SAUCE into practice .

1. Go To
2. Click Apply
3. Accept Terms
4. Register Account (Email, PW, Security Questions)
5. Verify Email Address
6. Login With Created Account Info
7. Click UI Online Or Mobile (If On Phone)
8. File New Claim
9. Accept Terms And Continue
10. No
11. No
12. No
13. No
14. No
15. No
16. Next
17. SSN
18. Last 4 Of SSN
19. Yes
20. DOB
21. Male Or Female
22. Name
23. Yes
24. Next
25. No
26. Next
27. Drop Mailing Address
28. No
29. Go To And Search Addresses For California. Find A Address and Use It As Residential Address. (Not Mailing. Mailing Will Be Your Address Or The Person You Doing It For)