Tennessee Dua Method 2022

Since most people wants to know to file Tennessee Dua, I'm going to post this method step by step for you guys. This tutorial is one of the longest and simplest method provided you have all the requirement. there are possible two ways  to file Tennessee Dua, one is by filing claim through  Jobs4TN.gov,the second method is by calling (844) 224-5818.

Filing online is the fastest, most efficient way to receive your benefits. Due to high call volume, you will experience extended wait times when applying by phone, so let get started by going to their official website to file this method. 

Warning : This below tutorial is just an illustration of How to file Tennessee Dua Method, this article is only for educational purpose, I may not be responsible for any damage cost.

Required/ Tools Needed:

  • SSN Number
  • First and last Name
  • DOB
  • Tennessee Address information.
  • Front and back of  Drivers License/Passport/State Identification/Military Identification
  • 911 or any Good vpn 
  • Create an email matching your SSN details
  • Background Checks/Reports  (Truth finder , instant checkmate, whitepages etch)
  • Spare fullz (I will talk about this later)
  • Bank Account or Prepaid Matching the ssn.

How to Apply for Tennessee 2022

1. Now it's time to file this method, first things first Put your 911 or vpn on and connect to fullz state, you can check your ip on whoer.net to confirm if its clean.

2.Now go to preferred background checker and make some background search with the fullz information, make sure to save all the information you got somewhere safe.

3. Now go to the Tennessee Dua website by clicking here =====> https://bit.ly/3gDDcUu

4.Since we are now filing this method, scroll down and click on Individual.

5. Click on I Agree to Proceed.

6. Click on Comprehensive Registration.

7. In this section check Yes button and click on Next.

8. In this section, Enter your SSN numbers by enter the numbers manually, don't copy and paste (Copy and  paste at your own risk)., Then click Next

9. Did you receive workers Compensation payment ? Check NO and click on Next

10.Check the NO and click on Next.

11.Check the NO the two questions and click on Next.

12. Again check the NO box and click on Next.

13. Check the No box and click on Next.

14.Now we begin by registering an account, Enter username, password, security questions and set up a 4 digit pin 1234 (keep this pin safe)

15. Enter the information as its appears on your Fullz but in the email section put the email you created matching your SSN details.

16. Enter your first and last name as its appears on your fullz, then click Next.

17. Enter your fullz address like the below screenshot.

18. You can enter different address this well information from you will shipped to (mailing address)

19. Enter you Google Voice or Text Now number at the Primary Phone and click on Next.

20. Choose email for the first two questions and No for the last one just like you see below 

21.You can choose anything since its a random question. Then click on Next

22. Fill in the information like you see below.Then click on Next

23. Highest Education Level : Associate Degree Are you attending school : No, just like you see below:

24. Select everything like you see in the below screenshot.

25. On your Employment Status Just file like below screenshot.

26. On Employment Miscellaneous, Choose No for the question being asked there.

 27. Are you unemployed as a director result  of major disaster ? Choose NO 

28.Are you a member of a labor union which finds/obtains works for its members ? Choose NO 

29.Choose Public Relation Specialists as Job Title Desire 

30. Base on the fullz ethnic origin you can answer the question below ;

31.Answer No for all the question below : 

32.Enter your drivers license and choose state that issued it, Click Next.

33.With payment you have two option here ( Either you choose Direct deposit Or Credit Card) if you are choosing Direct deposit you need to enter bank details that matches your ssn name and If you choose Credit Card the card will be shipped to the mailing address you entered in step 18.

34.In this section choose No.

35. Based on your background check (you got from truthfinder or whitepages) you need to get at least two answer from this section correct.

36. Just click on Next when you get here

37. On this section when you click on Submit they will send code to the email you entered in step 15.

38. This is the email I received from Tennessee Dua. its verification code

39. Now you will need to enter the code here to activate your Tennessee Dua account

Now we have activated our account, the next steps is how the money enter your account. I see most people file to this section and leave the rest because, they don't understand the rest. Now the rest is when you add your employers information you got from the background search. 

Incase from your background check you did not get any employees information from background search then you need to add Spare fullz in this section. now lets get started..

40.Choose YES then to Next Page

41.Select any of the employers that match with the information you got under background search  but if you did not get any result then add the spare fullz information.

42. After choosing or adding your spare fullz. you will be directed here just click on Cancel

43. Click Ok

44. Account calculated will be showed here including total wedges 

45. Agree to their terms and conditions 

46. Check the boxes for all and click on Next.

47. On the Next you will be asked to upload Front and back of  Drivers License/Passport/State Identification/Military Identification

48.Click on Next

48. Click on Next

49. Now monitor your email, they will send you on the amount you will be receiving weekly and so on.

50.Now login to your account dashboard and locate Weekly Claim Certification

51. Click on File your weekly certification to Continue your claim 

52. On the Next Page scroll down and click Next.

53.Then Check the "I have read and understood the information protentional fraud" and click Next.

54.On the next page, your drop information will shown for you to confirm. then click on Next

55. On Eligibility Questions Answer yes to all the question, If you Choose No You many questions to answer

56. On the Next page you should see claim status and the date of your first and Next payment.


Finally done with the longest tutorial ever posted on this website. Its worth it if you get time to file it because they do pay without asking too much document. From the beginning I made mention of spare fullz, yes !,  that fullz is for those that, does not have any record of employee when they did background search on the fullz they are using. so when  you follow the tutorial careful you can add the fullz manually. One last thing kindly Subscribe to our YouTube channel, and don't forget to share this tutorial with your friends. 

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  1. the page is opening https://www.shorturl.at

  2. Can we use any state fullz or only TN fullz?

  3. 100% the best kep da admin💕 please i still dont get what the spare fullz are kindly explain please

    1. During the process you will be ask to add employee information which mostly can found in background check. But in some cases u won't get the employee information from the background check add the spare fullz information in replace of it

  4. Please sir about the spare fullz, can it be another TN fullz with different name but has an employee background? Will that work too. Or it must be same name.

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