How to file New Jersey Temporary Disability Insurance and get paid $12k in 6 days

I have not been well for a while now, so I couldn't post the New Jersey Unemployment Method like I promise. the Utah Unemployment Method is also paying, so in case you don't have the requirement for this New Jersey  Disability Insurance  Method , you can go with Utah Unemployment Method.

Warning : This below tutorial is just an illustration of How to file New Jersey Temporary Disability Insurance, this article is only for educational purpose, I may not be responsible for any damage cost.

With this New Jersey Temporary Disability Insurance Method, its safe and there is no much  verification needed. if you get all the required information correct you are good to go.

Required/ Tools Needed:

  1. New Jersey SSN Number
  2. First and last Name
  3. DOB
  4. New Jersey Address information.
  5. Front and back of  Drivers License
  6. 911 or any Good vpn 
  7. Create an email matching your SSN details
  8. Real USA Number (not app number)
  9. Client Ethnicity ( Asian,White,American Indian/Alaska Native)
  10. Current house Address information (You will receive cheque  book with money or card so make sure the current address is correct and reliable).

New Jersey Unemployment Method 12k in 6 days 

1.Connect your IP to New Jersey state then move to and check if your IP is clean.

3. Just Close this pop up message.

4.On this page click on Start In Application.

5. Solve this so that the site knows you are Robot trying steal information's, if you don't see this skip to the next page. 

6. Since you are now filing, click on First Time User ? click here

7.Enter your New Jersey  fullz in the below 

8.Fill in your information and click on Create Account.

9.Click file unemployment 

10.Close this pop up message.

11.If you don't see this page, copy this link ( and paste in your browser

12.Click on Temporary Disability Insurance.

13.Again close this pop up message.

14.  Click on Start In Application to begin the second steps of the tutorial.

15.Check the box for (I have read the above information and wish to file an application for state Temporary Disability Insurance) its will automatically take you to next page.

16. On this Claimant Profile page, Enter your New Jersey fullz information's like you see below : Then click on Continue.

17.Choose gender and client ethnicity. If you want to ship the card or cheque where payment will make you on option (5a.) Choose No like the screenshot below 

18.On this page enter your Real USA Number (not app number), enter the email you began with the process from the beginning, just like you see below:

Please I have lost some of the screenshot images I'm working with but, not to worries I will still guide you  guys step by step on how to finish this method so kindly follow along

19. You will now be directed to Disability information page (Remember the above section from step 16 to 18 was for Claimant Profile).

20. On the Disability information page the question being ask will be : 
  • Select the date your Disability began ====> Answer :  Select any date in 2020 from September to December, example (11/23/2020) 
  • Select the date you last worked before your Disability began ====> Answer : Select any date in 2020 from September to December, 1 month late than the first question asked example (10/22/2020) 
  • Have you returned to work or recovered from this period of Disability ? ====> Answer : No
  • Select the date you expected to return to work ====> Answer : Select any date in 2021 from September to December, example (11/21/2021) 
  • Then click on Continue.

21. On the Medical Treatment Information page you can enter any random fullz information you got. but in the :  

  • Describe your disability section ====> Answer : Physical disabilities
  • Enter name of the doctor/hospital who is treating you.====> Answer : Enter any random fullz name here
  • Is your doctor/hospital located in the United state ? ====> Answer : Yes, Then enter random fullz address
  • What is your doctor's/hospital telephone number ? ====> Answer : You can leave it blank or enter google voice number there.
  • Where you treated in the emergency room ? ====> Answer : No
  • Where you hospitalized for disability ? ====> Answer : Yes
  • Enter hospitalization start date ====>  11/21/2020
  • Enter hospitalization start date ====> 05/21/2021
  • With the 7th question just choose No
  • Then Continue

Let me hold on here for now, I need to rest and get back to this tutorial


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  1. Thanks for this update i pray for your wellness and recovery by his grace hope to see the completion of the tut soon bro.may i also ask if there is any simple method to load any cash app from bank log or other means.thanks

  2. Any smart person can continue without admin, if you want walk through dm let vibe

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