Utah Unemployment Method

Utah Unemployment Method

It's been a while since I dropped method on this channel; the reason is that I have lost someone significant in my life, and this issue is eating me day by day, but I have decided to share this method with you guys since most of you think I have stopped posting process. I'm posting this method for guys so I can at least get time for personal private thinking.

Let me go straight to the point about the tools needed for this  Utah Unemployment Method. By following the method carefully, you will get paid without stressing yourself.

Warning: The tutorial below illustrates how to file the Utah Unemployment Method; this article is only for educational purposes, and I may not be responsible for any damage cost.

Required/ Tools Needed:

  1. Utah SSN Number
  2. First and last name
  3. DOB
  4. Utah Address information.
  5. Front and back of  Drivers License/Passport/State Identification/Military Identification
  6. 911 or any Good vpn 
  7. Create an email matching your SSN details
  8. Background Checks/Reports  (Truth finder, instant checkmate, white pages etc.)
  9. The names of all employers, as they appear on your pay stub with the dates, worked for all employers since October 1, 2020
  10. Bank Account or Prepaid Matching the ssn.

How to file Utah Unemployment

1. Connect your IP to  Utah state, then move to whoer.net and check if your IP is clean.

2. Now browse the Utah Unemployment ====> https://jobs.utah.gov/ui/home/initialclaims

3. On the Utah Unemployment page, scroll down and click on Continue.

4. On this page, click on Create An Account.

5. Now enter the email you created matching the ssn name and click Submit

6. Confirmation will be sent to the email you used (so make sure the email is active )

7. Enter the code you received in your email here and click Submit.

 8. Enter your First and last Name on the ssn, then create a username and Submit.

9. Then, create your password and submit.

10. Now, sign into the account with the email and password you used.

11. Click on the small arrow,   

12. A code again will be sent to your email again

13. Paste the code here and submit.

14. You will be directed to this; click on Covid-19 info

15. Click on Learn More under Unemployment  Insurance. 

16. You will be directed to the main page of the Utah Unemployment page, Then click on Continue.

17. On this page, check the boxes for the questions asked, like in the screenshot below, Then click on continue.

18. Enter your Utah fullz information here. (Note: it should be Utah fullz information only)

19. Choose yes in this section.

20. They are now asking you to verify your name, so this question is straightforward.

21. From this question below, you will get the answer from the background checker. Remember I said you will need a background checker in the required tools.

22. You should see the screenshot below if you pass the question.

23. Choose the answer you see in the below screenshot. But make sure the fullz you are using is from Utah.

24. Choose like below and click on Ok.

25. Enter your email and click on Continue.

26. Choose the answer you see in the below screenshot. Enter your Drivers License number and click on Continue.

27. On your background search, you will get the work the fullz owner does. Enter the details and click on Continue.

28. Choose No like you see below

29. then add the employer name (you will get the answer from the background check) if you don't see any employer name from the background check. Add a different Utah fullz.

30. After this section, just add your bank details and wait for your feedback from Utah Unemployment.


Done with Utah Unemployment Method, this method will look very simple if you have the question from the background checker. Make sure your bank account matches the ssn details.


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  1. My condolence to the one you lost, may God grant you fortitude to bare the loss...please accept my sympathy really appreciate this and more you've been pasting for us and i also want to seek your indulgence may be after you're through with this guide to please furnish us with idea on how to load cashapp by any means simply available.do take your time and run through moment of reflection. Have the best of time bro.

    1. Thanks for your words of encouragement. The only way to load cashapp is through direct deposit. You can search on this blog or kpoyagahack.blogspot.com for direct deposit method

  2. What a sad news bro, May the good Lord strengthen you and your family to pass through this trying moment. We really appreciate your efforts and the knowledge you share with us, May the Lord's favour always be with you broπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ

    1. Bro it's not easy. This issue has eaten me for up weeks

  3. Boss, please accept my condolences. Is the Driver's license (front & back) SCAN required? Or just the license info?

  4. Bad things happen to good people πŸ˜” how I wish nothing bad happens to us all this life will have been so peaceful and sweet ..to the lost soul I say rest in perfect peace and to you and the rest of the family I pray bad things shall never happen to y'all including ourselves too so sad we all struggle to survive because we want to die..... Be strong my bro you are our favorite my personal mentor I'm sorry this came late I'm just reading this today πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

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