Wire Checks Tutorial is a simple task anyone can do by following the guidelines given. In this article, you know how to design a checklist. Last year, I made a complete tutorial on Wire Checks Tutorial: How to send a check to your client for easy cash out. In that article, I used the Amazon website to wire the check. In this article, we are using a different website. Follow the below guide carefully. 

How wire check works

Wire checks are the method of buying blank check paper from online stores and filling in the Empty check with bank logs for the client to sign for cash out.

Information Needed

  1. Client Name First and Last
  2. Client Address
  3. Bank Logs Info like :
  4. Name on the bank log
  5. Address on the bank log (Goggle the routing number to get the address)
  6. Account number 
  7. Routine number of the bank log

How to Design your own Check

1. We are going to use extra value checks website, so go to https://www.extravaluechecks.com

2. There are a lot of different checks design you can choose from, I'm selecting Value Priced Checks.

3. Under Value Priced Checks, you can select any Check list Design, I'm selecting American Pride Checks.

4. Tick the Fraud Protection as Yes, Disposable face option, NO

5. Then click on Add to Cart

6. Fill in your bank logs details here by entering the Bank name, bank Address (Goggle the routing number to get the address)

7. Continue Filling the Bank information by entering the Routing and Account Number, Set a 4 digit pin.

8. On the other left page Enter the Bank logs Name and the Address it comes with

9.This is how the check is going to look without date and other details 

10. Click on anywhere of the design check and preview it

11. Since we don't want to pay for the rest of the edit right the design and Save as 

How to Edit the Design Check With Windows Paint

Required Tools 

  •  Lucida Handwriting font (Download here)
  • Windows Pint or Photoshop
  •  Blank Back Check (Just google it)
12. Right click on the Design Check you saved earlier then Open with ------> Paint 

13. When its open Click Text A, Change font to Lucida Handwriting, Font size to 18

14. Write the Receiver Name in the Pay section

15. Write the date you wrote the check like this 

16. Write the amount you will wish to write on the like this (Use the same Lucida Handwriting font)

17. Write amount you wrote in words like below : 
18. You can enter For Salary or Bills, School fees etc.

19. Now small cap-lock for signature using the same font

20. Final editing should look like the below : 

How To Mail A Check For Cash out

After successfully designing a check with the information, there are two possible means to Mail the check.  

  •  Mobile Deposit 
  •  Through Mailing

Let's pick up one after the other and other and explain how the options works.

Mobile Deposit: With the Mobile deposit option, make sure the bank logs you are using have a mobile deposit option feature. After designing the check, 

  1. log in to the bank logs 
  2. locate mobile deposit
  3. then click deposit check.
  4. Take the front and back of the check you have designed and send it. Then wait till the money reflects on the client's account.

Through Mailing: With the option of mailing the check to the client, you can send it through email to the client. The client can print and send it to ATM taller for cash out, or design it through the website and send it through the dispatcher. You can use this method.

Better still, you can learn how to use USPS shipping to deliver the check to the client.

Take Note: if you are using a Mobile deposit, check the sending limit.


In my next Tutorial I will teach you how to mail check to your client like I did in the How to run Bill Pay. If you have any question leave it in the below comment section. Avoid buying any log from anyone that says he sells logs in the comment section.