How To Create MoneyLion Bank Account Online

Creating a MoneyLion Bank Account can be quite a headache if you don't have the available requirement, especially the USA phone number and the SSN. But with these modern technologies and the internet, you can create most US bank accounts without difficulties. 

In my next article, I will post an article on how to create a TD bank account. In case you need to learn how to create a TD bank account. Bookmark this website on your browser. 

Because I don't want to divert attention to something else, I will walk you through creating a MoneyLion Bank Account on your phone or Pc in this article. Since Money Lion is a prepaid account, you can run a direct deposit on it just like you can load on Go2Bank Account. 

How To Create MoneyLion Bank Account Online

I have a complete tutorial on that will guide you through running a direct deposit on a prepaid card like MoneyLion. Click here to check out HOW TO LOAD ANY PREPAID CARD WITH DIRECT DEPOSIT METHOD.

Required/ Tools Needed:

  1. SSN
  2. Name
  3. DOB
  4. Address information.
  5. Sock 5 or any Good VPN (PIA Recommended)
  6. Create an email matching your SSN details 
  7. Real USA Phone Number 

With the above tools listed, the only difficulty is getting the Real USA Phone Number but don't worry. I got you covered. There are many ways to rent a temporary US phone number. I use AT&T Activated USA Sims. But in this article, we are going to make use of the USA Phone Number Rental service. So Click here to learn how to get USA Phone Number Rental service for bypassing phone verifications.

Steps To Create MoneyLion Bank Account Online

1. With all your tools ready, Connect your VPN to the fullz state. I'm using a fullz from Florida, so I have connected the IP to Florida. (I'm using PIA, but you can use any good VPN you have)

MoneyLion Bank Account Online

2. Then check on or  to confirm if your IP is not exposed 

3. On, too, the IP is the same, so I can proceed. (sometimes will give different results)

4. Go to the MoneyLion official website:, and click Join Now.

5. Click on Continue to Web

6. Fill in the fullz details and enter the email you created matching your SSN details, and click on Create account.

7. Then click on the Skip button 

8. If you are using Mobile Click on Download the APP, and if you are on your  Computer / PC, click Continue on the web 

9. Click on the Let's Go button 

7. Enter the Date of birth and the address that appears on the fullz you bought from your spam shop and click on Next.

8. If you have followed the article on How to bypass phone verifications with Text Verified. Then enter the Money Lion number here and click Send Verification code

9. A digit code will be sent to the number you used for the account 

10. Enter the code here and click on Verify

11. Now type in the SSN number, make sure you don't copy and paste, then click on Verify My Identity

12. If the SSN and the information you submitted are clean, you should be directed to your MoneyLion Bank Dashboard 

13. To unlock these services (Roar Money, Investment, etc.), click unlock and fill out the form with fullz details.

How To Create MoneyLion Bank Account Online


Done !!! Money Lion Bank can be used for direct deposit and other loans that ask for prepaid cards; you can even request a loan from the account if the ssn score is 800+. If, in the process, you are asked to submit the Front and back of your Drivers's License/Passport/State Identification/Military Identification, you can also create one from one popular website called

 If you use a temporary phone number from text verified or messages. Ping me. Go to the settings tab and edit the phone number with the Google Voice or Text Now Number. 

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  1. Cool one but MoneyLion now requires live verification before opening roar money account

    1. If your ssn is good its should bypass selfie verification. when i created mine its did not ask for that

  2. when last did you create some? was thinking you will bring new tut cuz moneylion now does facial veriffication. its not about your score being good or not

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  4. What happened to the Kpoyagahack
    blog? There’s just a blogger page now.

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