Making Money Online by walking using Sweatcoin app

Do you know you can start making online by just walking as a form of exercise and earn money in return? Today, I'm going to share with you steps by step on how to make money from a new cryptocurrency app called sweatcoin. Before you start asking what sweatcoin is, Sweatcoin is a new cryptocurrency that rewards people who exercise. The idea is to motivate people to exercise. 

Sweatcoin can help reduce obesity rates and improve overall health. Sweatcoin is based on the Ethereum blockchain and uses a unique algorithm that rewards users for completing daily tasks such as walking, running, or cycling. As of early 2018, Sweatcoin has a market cap of $5 million.

Now that you know what the sweatcoin app entitles, I'm going to guide you on how to register, this app for free, and how to start making some Sweatcoin which you convert to money for withdrawals. If you've been following me since 2014, you should know I always talk about how to make money online. Recently I dropped an article on How to Start A Blog with less than 300GHS and make at least 700 GHS Monthly, and the feedback from my readers is very encouraging.

Making money online by walking is a great way to earn sweatcoin. When you walk, you are burning calories, which is a great way to lose weight and make money at the same time. You can also make money by selling your sweatcoin to other people. 

List Of Countries Sweatcoin Operates In 

Take note: sweatcoin does not operate in all countries. If sweatcoin does not operate in your country, don't register, or else you won't get paid. Sweatcoin now works in about 127 countires, you can check my other website or check their website for it 

Steps to Register the Sweatcoin App

1 Click on this link ( Take note the link contains my referral link we gains me 5 Sweatcoin per person who uses my link)

2. Click on Accept invite, just like you see below

3. Click on the Install button like below : 

4. After successful installation, Click On Open

5. Click on Sign up with google

6. When you see something like this, click on Continue

7. Click on Continue As "Your email name"

8. Click on the Access Physical activity

9. Click on the Allow to Physical activity

10. Click on Enable Google Fit

11. Since we are signing up with our Gmail, click on Allow 

12. Then click on Allow Step Counting

13. Click on, Got it 

14.This is how your dashboard looks like without any Sweatcoin gain

How to Earn More Sweatcoin by completing some simple task

1. Start walking around, you will see your steps counting

2. After 24 hours, the steps counted will be converted to Sweatcoin which will be added to your balance as seen in the screenshot below.

3. Another way to increase your Sweatcoin is to refer people with your referral link which gives you a 5 Sweatcoin balance, referral will be added to your balance instantly unlike the counted steps. To copy your referral link just click on Get 5 Now, and copy and share your Sweatcoin referral link

4. Another way to also earn more Sweatcoin, is by Opening 2x Boost daily and walking around for 20 minutes. Any Sweatcoin you will earn from the 20-minute walk will be doubled 2X

5. You can also earn Sweatcoin by claiming daily rewards. (Remember the first claim will open the second  claim)

How to withdraw your Sweatcoin to your Bank Account

When it's time to withdraw the Sweatcoin you have accumulated from the Sweatcoin app, Follow the below guideline to withdraw this coin from the app.

1. On your Sweatcoin app dashboard click on the Profile icon

2. Depending on the number of invites you have, Sweatcoin will allow you to withdraw, from the screenshot below I need, I need 4 invites to withdraw $30, 30 invited to withdraw $100 and 68 to withdraw $200

3. I last withdraw $30 from the sweatcoin app which was on Monday, 8 August 2022

Withdrawal note will be sent to your email like 


You can make a lot of money from this Sweatcoin app, especially for those who can refer to and promote this app. I used to make $100 with this app in 2018 when Ghana was not part of sweatcoin. I use to bypass their system restriction until they found out and stop paying but now accept Ghanaians on the system so anyone in Ghana can make use of it 


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  1. Thanks admin 😊

  2. Thanks kpoyaga I already make some few Sweatcoin

  3. Please is it only PayPal/ bank account that can withdraw? No other means.

    1. Only bank transfer and PayPal works for sweatcoin at the moment

  4. Can this app work in Nigeria ?

  5. Thanks Chairman! Blessed up!!

  6. Thanks boss, Abeg Shey na one time withdraw?? I mean if I withdraw $30 for 4ref Shey I still fit withdraw another $30 based on my 4ref or I gas ref another 4person again???

  7. Please can’t my sweatcoin be sold? I have 1120 s

  8. My sweetcoin don't have option for the reward to withdraw pls what should I do

  9. My sweetcoin don’t have the influencer hub option for redrawal what do I have to do boss

    I have referred 10 people though

  10. How many sweat coin makes a dollar

  11. keep doing the job admin

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