How to Open Capital One Bank Account Online 2022

Are you trying to open a USA bank account like Capital One, but it seems impossible, or do you get declined after setting up the account or any other problem? Then follow the below guide to create your Capital One bank account without any issues.

Over the past months, we have shared different bank open-up tutorials on this blog, from Navy Federal Bank Open-up Method to How to Open a Bank of America Account and many others. These banks do not require you to visit the bank to activate anything unless your details are not valid or the identity you are using is in use already.

In this guide, you will learn how to open an account from Capital One bank for free, but before that, you will need some information from the USA open this bank account. Before I start,

NOTE: The Below information is only for educational purposes. I may not be responsible for any damage cost.

Required/ Tools Needed:

  • SSN
  • Name on the SSN 
  • Date Of Birth
  • Address information
  • RDP, Socks5, or Any Good VPN
  • Create an email matching your SSN details
  • USA Phone Number (Google Voice or Text Now)
  • Laptop or Phone

Capital One Bank Open-Up Method

Now that you have all the required information, It is time to go and set up the Capital One online portal, but before that, make sure your IP is not flagged.

1.Connect your RDP or Socks5 to any USA IP address and check on if you are clean

2.If this comes up, change the IP to a different state and connect again till you see the first picture above 

3.Go to the official capital one website by copying this link into your browser >>>>

4. Click on the Open Account button

5. Click On the No button


6. Click on The Continue Button to Procced 

7. Enter First and Last that appears on the SSN card or the Fullz you are using

8. Enter the email you created matching the  SSN  first and last name and click Continue

9.Enter your USA Phone Number (Google Voice or Text Now) and click on Continue

10. Enter the fullz/SSN address and click on Continue.

11. Click on Continue 

12. Choose Retired from the list and Continue

13. If they ask of your annual income choose between the $50k to $100k and continue

14.Enter the date of birth and the SSN number here and continue

15. Check all the terms and condition boxes and click on Continue

16. Choose the first option and click on Continue

17. Click on I will fund this account Later

18. Click on Continue 

19. Now check if the account details you entered are all correct then click on Open Account 

20. You should see your Account Number and the Routing Number


When you get your  Account Number and Routing Number, You can now go ahead and click on Set up Online access by entering a username and password you would want to use to enter the account anytime you want to log in to Capital One Bank Account.

Now you can use the Capital One Bank Account to receive loans from any loan company you apply for online. However, make sure you search for someone who can do a wire or Zelle transfer to the account, or else if there is no balance or top-up after three months of bank account, it will be limited. To be on safer side always use RDP.


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