Quick Notices: Telegram has deleted my channel for no reason


It is sad to announce that my telegram channel has been deleted by telegram for no reason. On Monday, 26th September 2022, I woke up to see my Telegram channel was no more. I wrote to the telegram team the next day, and the number I used for the account got banned entirely. 

I created a backup channel with the name "kpoyagahack backup" after a few days with 610 subscribers, the channel got deleted again. 

I have seen a lot of telegram channels using the name kpoyagahack on telegram. I want to make it known to all my followers that I don't own a channel on telegram with the name kpoyagahack nor Regcollins.com. The new telegram channel I created has a different name which you can join directly from this website. To join the new telegram channel, click here. You can also check the Navigation Bar or the footer of this blog to join the new created channel :

Note: Do not send any money to anyone claiming to be me @Kpoyaga. You can always message me on Whatsapp at +233202425203. You can also join my channel on ICQ by clicking here.

I believe the telegram channel got deleted by impersonation from my competitors because most of you know how the channel started. 

The most important part is that you can bookmark our website to your browser so that you can always check back for new articles and updates on this website. We will continue to do our best by posting updates always.


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