Postpaid method 2023: How to Cart Phones through Any Postpaid Account

In this article, I want to share a guide on carting iPhones through any Postpaid Account like AT&T, Sprint, etc. In my other article, I wrote an article on AT&T, Sprint, and Spectrum Carding Tips, but people need to get the idea better. This article will guide you on How to Cart Phones through Any Postpaid Account.

Just ensure you follow the guide to the end. If you have been a follower of this website, you know we always try our best to give you relevant updates for all tech updates, but based on some restrictions, I'm not using any screenshot guide here. So follow along. It is a straightforward guide, and it will help.

How to Cart Phones through Any Postpaid Account

Disclaimer 🚸 : This article aims to guide or illustrate How to order Phones through Any Postpaid Account. The information below is only for educational purposes. I may not be responsible for any damage cost. If you abuse this article.

Required Tools 

  • Any Postpaid Account
  • Good VPN RDP, or Use Socks5
  • Vanilla Card or
  • Classic debit Bin (Buy cc with the bin)

How to Cart Phones through Any Postpaid Account

Once you have all the above tools, Connect your VPN RDP or Use Socks5 to the Postpaid Account owner's IP. (Always check if your IP is not exposed.)

  1. Then, log in to the Postpaid Account. On the navigation bar, click on Phones.
  2. A list of iPhones and other brands' phones will show up with different spaces and colors, and their prices will show up. 
  3. Note: Working on a Postpaid Account is like the method I shared on Stone Berry Electronics Method and Midnight Velvet.
  4. You will see the phones there are priced cheaply because the bill has been shared for over three years for the Postpaid Account owner to pay. So the price there is for the first month.
  5. Click on the preferred Phone you want to cart.
  6. Then click on continue.
  7. Choose your preferred plan and click on continue.
  8. Add to the Phone to Cart and continue to cart
  9. Continue to Checkout
  10. Don't change any address information. Maintain the owner's address information and click on Submit order.
  11. You can pay with the Vanilla Card or Classic debit card you purchase from your spammer.
  12. After entering the Vanilla Card or Classic debit card, click on Submit order.
  13. The Phone should be ordered successfully

Postpaid Account


You can repeat the same steps after the first order has been shipped. You can add 2 to 10 phones inside the same Postpaid Account. I prefer working with something other than a Postpaid Account with debit since sometimes it can burst your account. You can use Pay the Debt if you are good at cc or Bank logs. I will write an article on How to Cart Phones with Fullz on AT&T later

Cheers !!


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    1. follow the guidelines for how to purchase good cc from vclub on this same site

  3. I thank God I always follow you. Kpoyaga !

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