Payroll Complete Tutorial For Beginners
Payroll Complete Tutorial For Beginners

I have received many emails and messages from most of my readers to do a tutorial on the Payroll. I intend to keep the tutorial private because it is complicated and time-consuming.

Never worry. I will share the procedures on how you can successfully run Payroll without a trace, provided you have all the requirements, but before I begin with the tutorial :

What is Payroll?

In some Europe countries, companies place their employee's on a program that pays a list of workers entitled to receive payments as well as other work benefits.

Now that you know the concept of Payroll. It is now time to put some effort and tricks to work. The idea is to search for companies that pay their workers through Payroll. 

Then Clone the worker's email address on the payroll list and send a different bank account from the cloned email to their Human Resources email to update the bank information of their original person on the payroll list.

When the bank account is successfully updated, you get paid monthly or weekly into the bank details you submitted to the Payroll officer. If you still need help understanding this concept, Follow the below practical guide.

Tools You Will Need :

  1. Client Bank Account Or Your Own USA Bank
  2. Webmail or Any Email Cloner Software
  3. Time and Effort
  4. State You are targeting

Disclaimer: The writer intends to spread awareness of how Payroll works and how people bypass the system to receive payment. I will not be responsible for any damages if this article is in illegal use.

Steps To Do Payroll (Guide)

1. Go to Google or Quora and search for private institutions that pay their employees on the Payroll. For example, like the below screenshot:  make sure you add the state you are targeting. In my case, I'm searching for "Private Hospitals in New York".

2. List of private hospitals in New York will appear; click "More Places" to see more hospitals.

3. Below is a list of more private hospitals; click on any, and I click "Weil Cornell Medicine Primary Care - West Side."

4. When you click on the name you want, copy the name, open a different browser tab and paste it on the search engine and add "staff directory" to the keyword like the below screenshot : 

5. On Google, search for the page with "staff directory" in the URL link of the hospital or the institution you are searching for and click on it. 

6. You will see a list of employees on the Payroll for the company you are looking for.

7. Now look through the list and search the Payroll Officer, Payroll coordinator or Human Resources email (This email is where you will send bank account details for updating)

8. Now you can go ahead and write the other names, emails and other details on the payroll list (You can pick the names from different categories, no issues with it).

9. Now, we will clone each email we prefer to send to the Payroll Officer, so buy webmail or cPanel details from your favourite crack shop. Click on login to Webmail 

10. When you click on Webmail, enter the login details that you got from  your spammer shop

11. When you log in the Webmail, Click on Settings

12. And click on Identities

13. Click on Create to start cloning

14. Now enter the details you claim (the email cloning). In the reply section, enter your personal email there.

15. Click on the Compose button 

16. Then, enter theatre the cloned email you made e cloned email your ma and the Payroll or the human resource email in the "To section". In the "Subject section", write "My Direct Deposit Update."

17. You can rewrite the message sent to the Payroll officer.

Conclusion :

When you buy your Webmail, you can test it with your email to confirm if your emails are not going to your spam before you start using it.

Once your email is delivered to your human resources or Payroll officer and goes through successfully, You will receive a reply asking you to update your payment information (Account Number and Routing Number).

You also be asked to upload a check with your bank information. You can google the bank sample check and edit. You can click here to learn how to edit reviews on your laptop.

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