How To File For TurboTax Refunds In 2023

This article will guide you to file for a tax refund on TurboTax using the free edition offer. Other offers could speed the process of getting your tax refund paid but let go with the $0 option.

If you are filing this tax for your client or with your listening whitehead, you will need to do the following:

  1. Gather all whiteheads tax documents, including your Form 1099-G (Certain Government Payments). It will show the total unemployment benefits you received for the tax year.
  2. Make sure you have a bank matching the information you will use, including the W-2 form.

If you are using purchase identity, there are a few things you will need to do before you go the TurboTax to begin filing for refund money. I did an in-debt tutorial last year. You can refer to that tutorial Here

How To File For TurboTax Refunds In 2023

After you've collected all the necessary data required with my 2022 article on tax refunds, you will move to the TurboTax website. So let's get started.

TurboTax Refund Guide 2023

To file this method, you will need some information to file successfully without getting declined by TurboTax or IRS. 

Required Information

You will need fullz with the below pieces of information: 

  1. Full Name
  2. Create an email with SSN full name
  3. SSN
  4. Address
  5. Date of Birth
  6. Copy of W-2 form with information (Download)
  7. VPN (Very Important)
  8. Google Voice/Text Now/Real USA Number (bonus)
  9. Any Governmental  ID Number, Drivers license 

Note: I posted this article last year, and the procedures are the same. But since I don't want to pause and continue this tutorial, I will upload where I stop into my google drive. Now let's start with the main tutorial :

1. Connect your VPN to your SSN address state. Check your identity on

2. Visit the TurboTax website and scroll down and look for "File your own taxes," and click on Start For Free.

3.Select "I have a job" and scroll down

4. And click on the file for $0

5.Fill in the necessary information and click on create an account.

6. Enter the code and click on continue

Let me pause here. I will upload the rest of the method on my google drive. You can download it later. Please take note: The above tutorial is only for educational purposes. I won't be responsible for any damage cost.

Download a Copy of W9 form

TurboTax Refunds Continuation [Downlead]


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