How to know if cc BIN is vbv or non-vbv (2023)
How to know if cc BIN is vbv or non-vbv (2023)

Do you need help buying credit cards online for carding but buying vbv cards instead of non-vbv? This guide will help you identify or show how to know if cc BIN is vbv or non-vbv.

Since the most reliable cc shops shut down, the current website selling cards has been acting wise by selling cards with authentication, and as a carder, vbv cards won't favour you. So we have put up this information to help you buy non-vbv cards rather than spending money on vbv cards.

What is Vbv Credit Card

VbV stands for Verified by Visa, a security protocol designed to protect online credit card transactions. It is a free service that helps ensure that only the rightful card owner can purchase online. 

When a customer enters their Visa card details on a participating merchant's website, a VbV password is requested. The card issuer verifies the password, and the transaction can proceed if correct. 

VbV aims to reduce the risk of unauthorized use or fraud in online transactions, making the online shopping experience more secure for consumers.

What is a bin?

BIN stands for Bank Identification Number, also known as Issuer Identification Number. It is the first six to eight digits of a credit or debit card number and is used to identify the issuer. The BIN determines the card type (e.g., Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.), the card issuer (e.g., a bank), and the card's country of origin.

In the payment processing industry, the BIN is used to help merchants determine the type of card used and route the transaction to the appropriate acquiring bank for processing. The BIN also helps prevent fraud by verifying that a legitimate bank issues the card and is used consistently for its intended purpose.

How to check if a credit card bin is non-vbv or vbv 

Now that you know what Vbv cc BINs are, You wouldn't want to buy Verified by Visa cards. Non-vbv credit cards have no 2-step verification, which is best for carding, so let's get started.

Suppose you are given a bin (413960) for At&t or any website shop. Only go ahead to buy the card after confirming if its has 2fa or not. Follow the below guide:

1. Go to namsogen. co and paste the bin into the search bar and click on Generate Cards

Generate Cards

2. The site will generate many cards and take note of them (these cards are AI-generated)

generate many card

3. Create an account on with non-used email account details and browse the website for some minutes.


4. Search for any item and add it to the cart

5. Click on Shopping Cart

6. Click on Checkout

7. Choose, pay with a credit card and place an order

8. Enter one of the generated cards here (The only thing that needs to be valid is the CC you generated with your bin, you can enter any random name) and click on Pay

9. If you see feedback like the screenshot below, the card is  Verified by Visa (Vbv) and unsuitable for carding.

10. When the page refers you to a page like this, it is a non-vbv card; you can use the bin to buy cc and start using it for your carding needs 

Conclusion On How to know if cc BIN is vbv or non-vbv

If you have issues buying non-vbv cc, this method should help you buy a sound credit card without  2-step verification. In my previous post, you can also check how to purchase good cc from vclub.


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