How to file a USA Tax Refund in 2023 (Updated Method)
How to file a USA Tax Refund in 2023 (Updated Method)

Are you finding it challenging to apply the previous article about How To File For TurboTax Refunds In 2023? If the answer is Yes! Follow the new update on the USA Tax Refund method.

If you follow the instructions carefully, the IRS can quickly approve. After many tries and errors, these steps will approve your application.


  1. RDP Or vpn
  2. DOB as shown on the SSN
  3. SSN
  4. Complete address on SSN
  5.  Full name on SSN
  6. Background checker
  7. Text Now or Google voice number 
  8. Create a separate email with the SSN details (recommended proton)

Guide to filing USA Tax Refund in 2023

1. Before you begin anything on the internet like this, connect your Rdp or VPN to the SSN state. (If the fullz is from Missouri, join the IP to Missouri).

2. log in to your background checker and do a background search on the SSN; check for the current or previous companies the holder of fullz is working for or recent company ( If you are on a budget, you can use a free checker as, but I prefer you go with paid checker )

3. When you get the company's name,  go to or, paste the company name into the search bar, and click on the search bar.

4. The company's information will show up. We need the EIN; take note of the Employer Identification Number.

Now, browse the TurboTax portal by copying and pasting this link into your browser and click Sign-in.

2. Click on Create an Account

3. Put the email you created with the SSN name, username, and google voice number 

4. Please enter a password you can remember or keep safe.

5. Click on Let's Go.

6. Select I have a job (received w-2), and I paid rent, respectively.

7. Click on the continue button. 

8. Choose; I'm comfortable doing it on my own and click on continue 

9. Click on File for $0

10. Tab on the No Thanks button

11. Again, click on Let's Go.

12. Please enter first name, last name, date of birth, and zip code as it appears on the fullz

13. Click on the continue button. 

14. Click Didn't file taxes last year.

15. Choose, Good 

16. When they ask for marital status, choose Single 

17. Click on, paid rent.

18. Click on Job

19. Click on Greate, keep going 

20. Please enter the full name and date of birth on the SSN and click on I Agree.

21. Click on Start

22. If they want to ask questions about your information, click Let's Go.

23. Fill in the details here with your fullz information

24. Choose the answers as you see below 

25. Same as below, choose No for all

26. Were you a whole student in 2022? Choose No

27. Marital Status Choose Single 

28. Check the box for Yes, I paid for everything

29. Choose No

30. Enter the complete address and enter google voice number and click on continue 

31. Click on Continue 

32. Choose the recommended format and click on continue

33. Click on send text code and confirm the code 

34. Did you make money in other states. Choose No

35. Click on Continue

36. That's the summary of the information you are submitting; if everything is correct, proceed else; edit

37. Click on continue

38. Click on Not Now

39. Chose the first option that says Work on my W-2 and continues

40. Click on Add my income 

41. Enter the EIN number you got from or and click on Continue

42. Click on Try it in me

43. We are filling in our W-2 form, so enter the fullz information again

44. In this section, you must enter figures for federal income tax withheld and Wages, tips, and other compensation. Even though you can get a piece of closer information on the Irs calculator, you can enter like this : 

  1. Wages, tips, and other compensation: $80k to $85k
  2. federal income tax withheld: $30k to $35k

45. Click on Continue

46. Click on Continue 

47. You should see the refund you are getting, then click on continue

48. Choose like you see below and click on Continue 

49. Click on No

50. Fill in your fullz information again and click on continue 

51. Click on Check my Info

52. Click on Continue
53. You will be shown how you are getting, just scroll down and click on continue 

54. Click on start state taxes

55. Skip state 

56. Click on Check my return

57. When you see your final amount, click continue

58. Click on finish my returns

59. Click on Continue

60. Click on Review your Order 

61. Click on Place Order

62. Click on Continue

63. Click on Continue again

64. Click on your Refund Info

65. And click on Get my refund early

66. Choose Direct Deposit and continue.

67. Enter the bank you want to receive the refund name here and Routing and Account number 

68. Click on continue 

69. Now click sign in and file your returns

70. Click on I want to e-file 

71. Click on Continue 

72. Choose I did not file last year and click on continue

73. Click on continue 

74. Choose any of the state IDS you have available; I chose State ID

75. Enter the ID information

76. Now, you need to create a 5-digit pin. If you filed last year and they need a pin, this pin is what they are referring to, so keep it safe in case next year file, and they need it.

77. Click on Transmit my return now

78. It will start sending your info to IRS 

79. You will need to see success here else something is wrong with the information you submitted 

80. Click on Skip; you can choose to rate, but not necessary

81. As it stands, you are done filing, click on continue 

82. As you can see, your refund is waiting 

83. You should receive the below in the email you used for the filing. To check and see if you have been accepted by IRS, click on track my returns.

84. Login with the username and check after 24 hours if your application has been accepted 


As you can see, this article is very long because we are using the free version to file. I have taken note of something with those fullz shops; most of the shops are selling generated fullz, so you might be getting rejected if your fullz needs to be more accurate or rendered. 

Another reason you may get rejected by IRS is your EIN. If you are using client info, ask the whitehead about the company he works for, then go to to get the EIN, as we explained earlier. If you have any questions, kindly leave them in the comment section. 

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    1. Yes. Go to deductions and pick yes to have the form. In policy number put all zeros and in the first box under that put $1 in both boxes next to it. It should be fine afterwards.

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