Coinzoom Method: Complete Guide

 In this blog post, I will share the complete process of direct deposit or Ach funds into your Zoom coin account. Simply, you buy crypto with a bank account instantly. This method is similar to coin book and coinbase, but with this coins zoom method, you can fund it with direct deposit, wire transfer or ACH bank deposits.

Before I further this article, note that you will need someone in the State to register fully and verify the coins Zoom account before you get the options for direct deposit and ACH bank deposits. I have encountered people on Snapchat calming; you can set up an account with fullz and do the selfie and the other verification with a trick I'm yet to figure out. 

I'm only going to tackle the steps you can use to fund the coins Zoom account and how to use it to buy crypto and spend, so let's get started. 

buy crypto with bank account instantly

What is Coinzoom?

CoinZoom Pro is a cryptocurrency exchange platform allowing users to trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. It offers advanced trading tools, low fees, and high liquidity. CoinZoom Pro is designed for experienced traders and provides features such as advanced charting, order types, and API access.

CoinZoom Pro also offers a mobile app on both iOS and Android that enables users to manage their cryptocurrency portfolios and make trades on the go. CoinZoom Pro provides various educational resources, including articles and tutorials, to help users better understand cryptocurrencies and trading strategies.

Required Tools 

1. Fully Verified coinszoom account

2. Good VPN (Pia Recommend)

3. ACH or Direct Deposit Bank logs 

4. Sense

Buy Crypto With Bank Account Instantly

Following the below guide, you can instantly buy crypto with a bank account. 

1. Once you have the Verified coinszoom account, log in and Click on the Portfolio button 

log in and Click on the Portfolio button

2. Then Click the Trading Wallet. 

Click the Trading Wallet

3. Click "Deposit" on the BTC/USDC


4. Select the Direct Deposit or ACH bank deposits option. 

Direct Deposit or ACH

5. And click on the Create Form and  write down the  Routing and Account number

Routing and Account number

Take Note of the RN, and AN given to you by Coinzoom. Click on the coins zoom profile and write down the name and address of the clients used to set up the Coinzoom account. 

How To Direct Deposit or ACH into Coinzoom

1. log in to your direct deposit bank logs  (make sure you buy records like Indiana FCU, Woodforest, Huntington, Usaa, and Bluefcu)

login to your bank logs

2. Click on Payment on your bank logs. 

Payment on your bank logs

3. Then click on pay bills. 

pay bills.

4. Type the Name, Address, Account Number and Routine Number you got from coin zoom

5. Click on Make a payment. Payment will reflect in 3 days 


Yes, there is an Option to load the account with Credit Card, but using that option will come at a cost because Coinzoom will hold funds for 7 to 21 days to ensure no fraud detection. If you want to know how to load with ACH, read Steps By Step on how to do Ach Bank Transfer. 

After loading the amount, you can buy any crypto wallet and send the fund to a different wallet for spending. Lastly, you are limited to $15k. In case you have any issues, comment below.

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