Bank Logs To Bitcoin Method: A Comprehensive Guide
Bank Logs To Bitcoin Method: A Comprehensive Guide

In this article, I will share a new method I bought from the darknet to Buy Bitcoin with Wells Fargo Bank Account. Even though they're different ways to buy bitcoin with logs, I found this method straightforward.

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Bitcoin has become a popular investment option in current years, and more and more individuals are looking for ways to buy it with their bank accounts. If you have Wells Fargo logs or purchased from a spammer and are interested in buying Bitcoin, you're in luck - it's easier than you might think. 

In this post, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process of how to buy Bitcoin with your Wells Fargo bank account. Before we move further, you will need the below tools : 

Required Tools

  1. Verified Coinbase Account
  2. WellsFargo Log with Email access Without Any Security Issues
  3. Common Sense Simple Steps

How to Buy Bitcoin with Wells Fargo Bank Account

1. Log in to the verified coinbase account using the IP from the account owner. 

2. When you successfully sign in, click On trade. Then you Get An Option "Buy Or Sell" Click Buy 

Buy Or Sell on coinbase

3. Then input The Amount Of Bitcoin You Want To Buy (don't rush into a considerable amount. First, you start With a $100 Purchase To Avoid Any Suspicious Activities. 

4. Next Page Will Come Up For Payment, and Then You will Choose Wells Fargo As Paying Option.


5. You Get To Log In to Your Wells Fargo username and password, then Wells Fargo will ask For a verification Method, and then you click on the Email Verifying On Wells. 

6. Verify using the email. Then Wells Fargo Account Will redirect you to your Coinbase.


7. Payment will go through, and the Bitcoin will be Credited To Your Coinbase; now, you can raise the amount to $500 or $1000 Till the account's daily limit.

Buy Bitcoin With WallsFargo Using Uphold US

If your coinbase does not support Wells Fargo Account based on the state the account was created and verified, you can also use a platform called Uphold US; follow the guide below. 

  • Make sure your client creates and verifies Uphold US account
  • Then Deposit (USD) onto the account from your Wells Fargo Bank account by :
  • Clicking on the transact at the bottom of the uphold account.

4. Select From and select a bank account

5. Select Banks on the top of the app

6. Since we are now adding a new bank log which is Wells Fargo, click on the  +

7. Tap US Dollar at the bank selection section

8. Click on the  Wire transfer section

9. Click To and choose the asset you want to get funded in Uphold. The Reference code will update to identify your chosen support and your account. You'll find all the details required to initiate a wire transfer in USD from your bank account


Following these simple steps, you can buy Bitcoin with your Wells Fargo bank logs and transfer to the blockchain or any safe wallet. Before you ask me where to buy bank logs, I always use these tips when buying online shops. I use genesis. market cookies, I first believe in cheap tools to test the site's authenticity before buying bank logs. If the shop does not sell an account for less than 20$, don't log out from the shop. 


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